Red State Governors

Have you seen how the Fake News Media has gone off on red state governors for not closing their states fast enough? Mike Luckovich, the super-liberal editorial cartoonist Of the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation, penned a cartoon showing the virus rolling down a highway to red states.

Hmmm. Let’s look at the top states infected so far.

1. New York. 161,504 infected. 7064 dead. Blue state. Dimocrat governor. Mayor Wilhelm of New York told his subjects to go out and mingle. How did that work out? Fredo’s brother didn’t do anything until it was too late.

2. New Jersey. 51,027 infected. 1700 dead. Blue state. Dimocrat governor. Prolly should have closed the border with New York City. Could have used a wall like in Escape From New York.

3. Michigan. 21,504 infected. 1076 dead. Blue state with a Dimocrat twit for a governor. Maybe this crisis will turn Michigan red.

4. California. 19,691 infected. 538 dead. Blue state. Dimocrat governor. I’m mystified why this hasn’t ravaged the homeless population.

5. Massachusetts. 18,941 infected. 503 dead. Blue state. RINO governor.

6. Louisiana. 18,283 infected. 702 dead. At last a red state! Oooops! It has a Dimocrat governor. Louisiana has a history of electing incompetent or corrupt Dimocrat governors. Think of Governor Useless during Katrina. Not canceling Mardi Gras was a big mistake but according to the Dimocrat mayor of Nawlins, that was Trump’s fault.

7. Pennsylvania. 18,228 infected. 338 dead. Went red in last election but has a Dimocrat governor.

8. Florida. 16,826 infected. 371 dead. At last! A red state with a Republican governor. His biggest mistake was in not closing his state to the New Yorkers fleeing New York, who prolly brought the virus with them.

9. Illinois. 16,422 infected. 528 dead. Another blue state with a Dinocrat governor.

10. Georgia. 10,566 infected. 379 dead. The virus prolly came in via our airport which before the Kung Flu was the busiest airport in the world. Another red state with a Republican governor.

So what about all of those failing red state governors? Only two Republican governors in the top ten infected states. Maybe the Fake News Media should turn the spot light on the Dimocrat governors and mayors and how they have failed their constituents. Nah! That won’t happen because that would be actual reporting, sumpin’ the Fake News Media quit doing a long time ago.