Sprawl Is Good

Once upon a time here in Georgia, when congestion on I-285, the bypass circling Atlanta got bad, there were plans for a new bypass about 20 miles further out. The liberals in Georgia put a stop to that because it would cause sprawl.

See when I-285 was first constructed a lot of the area around it was country. But, eventually businesses sprouted up along its path along with housing. The metro area expanded out and past I-285. This was sprawl.

The liberals said the same thing would happen if a new bypass was constructed. They even put the kibosh on an abbreviated version, the Northern Arc, which would only connect I-75 to I-85, and would take a shitload of trucks off I-285.

To liberals sprawl is bad. Everyone needs to live in the heart of big cities in little overpriced apartments and take mass transit. Cars are evil. No one should live in the suburbs.

The model for this is New York City.

So how’s that working out with the Kung Flu? New York City has been hit harder than anywhere else in the country. Of course they’re also blessed with a booger eatin’ moh-ron for a mayor, but it was the booger eatin’ moh-rons in New York who elected and then reelected him so they deserve what they are getting good and hard.

Meanwhile, places that have sprawl, where people live in big houses in nice suburbs are doing far better. They can work from home without being cooped up in a high rise with a bunch of other people and riding a subway that is an incubator of disease. Cars are looking better and better. Too bad there is no place to park in these crowded congested cities.

I’m lucky that I got to work in the sprawl around I-285 and live in the suburbs. The traffic sucked but the parking was free. In the 35 years I’ve lived here I’ve hardly ever been in downtown Atlanta. As for wanting to live in the city itself, no way. If I didn’t want to live close to a major hospital, I would be out in the country like many of my former coworkers at IBM.

Crowded cities suck! Plus they’re run by Dimocrats.

Sprawl is good!