Ronsday – Weekly Rant

Ron rants.

Tried to go for a bike ride this mornin. Mother Nature broke all the gummint’s rules ‘bout facemasks and social distancing . . . and spit on my head. Not ‘zackly what I had in mind for 0-dawn-thirty.

Came back in here to check on things . . . see if anybody with any sense of reality has anything useful to say.

First thing I found was reports of a coupla studies, one from Britain and another from Stanford, which indicate that the mortality rate for this partic’lar virus is about the same as SARS, and just slightly higher than the ordinary seasonal flu. Why is that? Well, ‘cause we just ain’t very good at determinin who has or has had it.

More’n’more reasonable people in power positions are leaning toward ending the hysteria and going back to normal activity with great caution in health-care and elderly-care centers.

One guy, can’t remember his name or affiliation off-hand, declared that this has been deliberately morphed into an insidious plan to wreck the economy so that people will vote Trump out of office this fall since all impeachment attempts have failed and he’s “the worst president ever.”

While he admits the virus is real, and dangerous, he argues that so is reg’lar flu, and so is obesity, and so is fast food, and so is booze. But he’s convinced that the MSM is absolutely giddy about attacking Trump, no matter WHICH way he goes with medications, supplies, borders, whatever, in an all-out assault on his administration.

He cites the example from the Babylon Bee of the guy who was in extremis and about to shuffle off his mortal coil when they gave him hydroxychloroquine and saved his life, and now he hopes he still dies just to prove Trump wrong.

Now, I’m not sayin that the pandemic is in fact a plannedemic, but there are covidiots and medical morons out there who would sacrifice the nation’s economy for years just to get back at DJT for interrupting HRC’s apotheosis.

JHC. Shrillary? Makes me wonder why people want laws criminalizing certain words, such as bitch. Geeez, take that category of descriptors away from the free speech lexicon and we wouldn’t be able to discuss her, or malig-Nancy, at all.

Bigger question is who they gonna vote for? Biden? YGBSM. Poor bastard donated his brain to medical research a coupla years ago. Nothin in that ancient skull now but a decaying anemic cauliflower.

And who’s gonna be his Veep? Aunt Jemima Abrams? Horizontal Harris? Lieawatha? Mooch? No matter whom he names, if the economy doesn’t start pickin up again soon, he COULD win, and he’ll never make it through his first term, so she’ll take the reins . . . just a matter of time (prob’ly a few months). Stroke, infarction, Incapacitation Amendment (25th).

Well, I didn’t see anything in the blogs to indicate that he injured himself in his morning bowel movement, so perhaps that part of his plumbing is still workin. The stuff on the higher floors definately ain’t.

Everybody else is gone now . . . Bernie with a bad case of electile dysfunction, Hillary with a bad case of bad attitude, Beto with a bad case of bad judgment, Lyin Liz with a bad case of hoof’n’mouth disease . . . .

Time’s gettin short, and unless Quid-Pro Joe wanders off permanently into the Twilight Zone in the next few weeks, he’s it. Only serious possibility other than him is an open convention because states didn’t do their primaries and he couldn’t get the clinching number of delegates.

Meanwhile, Andy Cuomo is definitely suckin around for national name recognition just in case Joe comes down with sudden-onset Arkancidosis, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Gotta tell ya, I’ll be glad when this covidemic gleep psychosis is over so people can switch back from being epidemiologist experts and contagion gurus and become climatologist authorities and constitutional scholars again.

And by the way . . . . . .