Let My People Go

It’s time to end this ridiculous lockdown. We have crippled our economy. Most of the Kung Flu cases have occurred in big cities like New York, Chicongo, and Detoilet.

There was no reason to lock down upstate New York when most of the cases were in New York City. They should have built a wall around it like in Escape From New York. Let the idiots in New York City suffer with the idiot they elected for mayor twice. Had they built that wall, New Jersey and Connecticut might have been spared.

The same holds true for Illinois. Why shut down downstate Illinois when the Kung Flu is in Chicongo?

The same hods true for Michigan. Why are small towns shut down when the problem is Detoilet (and the governor in Lansing)?

Texas is a huge state with lots of small towns. It should have reopened weeks ago.

How many lives have we saved by crippling our economy? How many lives have we ruined?

Yannow, if you eliminate New York, we have done pretty well. New York skews everything out of proportion.

I read somewhere that this is a dress rehearsal for the future tyranny and when you look at the states with Dimocrat governors I can believe it. Half Whitmer in Michigan is showing just what a tyrant she can be. And she wants to be Biden’s VP. Think of that. If Biden gets elected she is next in line. Slow Gropey Joe will not make it for four years so little Hitler Karen Half Whitmer would be president.

The American people have shown that they will put up with a bunch of tyrannical bullshit if you scare them enough. Don’t think that the Dimocrats and the Deep State haven’t taken notice of this. It shows just how devolved we have become as a country that we are willing to put up with this bullshit.

It’s time to open the country back up. The red states are starting to do so. Fuck the blue states! Let them suffer.