The Kung Flu Is Racist!

Yannow the joke about the end of the world and the New York Slimes (Motto: All the Fake News that’s fit to print) headline, World Ending, Women and Minorities Hardest Hit. It turns out that it fits for the Kung Flu but in this case it’s The Detroit News. Thanks to Quiller for the link.

Michigan’s COVID-19 cases, deaths hit blacks disproportionately

Lansing — At least 40% of those killed by the novel coronavirus in Michigan so far are black, a percentage that far exceeds the proportion of African Americans in the Detroit region and state.

See. The Kung Flu is racist!

The first statewide release of mortality by race in Michigan, among the first in the nation, suggests that the actual percentage of blacks killed could be significantly higher — the race of nearly a third killed has yet to be disclosed.

In Michigan, just 14% of the population is black. And while the coronavirus outbreak has been centered in Metro Detroit, African Americans make up less than a quarter of the six-county metropolitan area.

Michigan’s death toll climbed to 417 on Thursday and total cases topped 10,000. Hard-hit Detroit, a majority-black city, has 97 fatalities, but predominantly white Oakland County has 119 deaths.

But let’s focus on the African deaths because African lives matter or something like that.

“The numbers don’t lie,” said state Rep. Tyrone Carter, D-Detroit. “It reinforces what I am seeing in the city of Detroit.”

The statistics are alarming but not surprising, said Carter, who is black and recovering from COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.

Yep! The Kung Flu be killing dem Africans. But why do you think that is?


Health experts have warned that African American populations would be more susceptible to the most severe cases of the disease because of the predominance of underlying health conditions in the population. However, it was not widely predicted that blacks would be more likely to contract and die in such disproportionate numbers.

Have you looked at the African population in America? Obesity is rampant. With obesity comes high blood pressure. Both of these are health issues that makes people more likely to have serious complications when infected with the Kung Flu. I remember when I was younger I was amazed at how fat our poor black people were. I guess it’s not politically correct to point this out. It’s better to say that the Kung Flu is racist.

Thanks to AlphaDelta for this meme.

By the way, AOC wants reparations for all of the black and brown people affected by the disease.

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  1. They’re fat ’cause they eat all those dollar meals. Remember when big asses used to be an embarrassment? Now they’re considered hot. Can’t believe anyone would get an implant to look like that.

    • That liking for a woman’s “shelf butt” where she balances martinis and walks? I saw enough of them walking around in “Day-twah,” as early as 1962 or 1963. But then there were several hit singers in Motown with weight issues (Aretha, for just one). A few got their shapes through nature, DNA, bad luck, or all three.

      • This piece does note that the black county of Wayne and the black city of Detroit are not doing their jobs and reporting on time:

        “While the State of Michigan and Oakland and Macomb counties report how the virus is affecting minorities, even while noting that the data is incomplete, two of the hardest-hit areas in the state are not reporting this data: the City of Detroit and Wayne County, according to spokespeople for their health departments.

        Robert Gordon, director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, told the Free Press in an interview Sunday that the number of African Americans who have died from COVID-19 is tragic and horrifying, and the reason unjust.

        “Social distancing is harder when you live in a smaller space because you have less income and we know that, for historical reasons, the African American community in Michigan has significantly lower incomes,” he said.

        In addition, a legacy of poverty and discrimination have left African Americans with higher levels of preexisting conditions, and therefore more at risk to the illness.

        So it’s unjust for black deaths. What about all others? Those same “historical reasons” for income disparity? They didn’t mention jail. Wonder why?

      • Should’ve stole the links. I don’t own what I research so, no skin off my nose if it educates my fellow Americans.

    • Alpha Delta…..Looks to me you caught more then the Negro Community Frowning Society Team…..Check out upper right hand side of picture. Kinda looks like Chris Noth with something covering his face. Possibly the only honorary Caucasian member of the Frowner`s group team ? Maybe the pizza delivery boy ?

  2. Regarding fat Detroit Negros. Not necessarily the unemployed, a favorite group to mention but in truth not nearly a majority among those of the heavy melanin.

    Nah, let’s talk about the other fat ones. The parents working at places where fattening stuff is made, and Detroit has its share. Faygo. Better Made Potato Chips. Huge job-run bakeries turning out stuff like Little Debbie cakes or the like. Other bakeries doing rolls and buns and things that stretch waistlines. These folk bring it home for their kids. Then they help eat it.

    See, it’s not just some 350-pounder with eight chillun in a HUD house, here, sitting on their asses eating a couple pounds of cookies a day and burning cell phone minutes, bitching about who did what to whom.

    Raaaaaaaacissssssssst! Ain’t never our fault, and where be our reparations for ancestors we can’t prove were slaves—hey?

    Damn straight we white sons of bitches bent their arms up behind their backs and made them do it. They’ll swear to it like Bubba did about Monica. They’ll swear Donald J. Trump personally drove out to their crib and jammed a crate of bon-bons down their gullets. (“They be killin’ us wit’ kindness, y’all!”)

    Democrats run Detroit. I’m not optimistic for the homeless or elderly there.

    • Ever considered leaving an area you so publicly despise? I happen to love Michigan. It’s the Democrats who ruined it, as they’ve ruined everything they touch. Am I stable for defying the doxxers, as you seem to openly encourage by posting a link to your other identity? Bit o’ truth here. I never once on this site have ever claimed I am sane or stable.

      Life is choices. I choose to stand and yell, not be stomped down by people I am afraid to oppose.

      • Quiller – I don’t think he hates Michigan. He has a nice house on a lake far away from the cesspool known as Detoilet. Just like you he hates Dimocrats and what they have done to the state. He fled Dearbornistan to where he lives now. You and he have more in common than you are willing to admit.

        • I too do not live in Detroit. And I did misinterpret his recent remark, the one-sentence post, “Oh how I hate n*****s.” This naturally led me to believe he was closer to the source of that dislike.

          (My edit of the word above. The full spelling demeans your site, which I believe is NOT racist and NOT deserving of that title. Yeah, I called you respectable. Deal with it!)

          If he wants to focus on hating Democrats, I’m 100% with him. For the record, his anger at you was misdirected when he blew up over a post I made awhile back. (Can’t even recall the post or why he was angry, just that he was.)

          For the record, I asked you to put us in touch, not the other way around. You acted in good faith. I thank you for that.

          • I recall. Sumpin’ wrong witchya boy. I keep what you sent. Glad we parted ways.

  3. Given the fact that this virus is crap-hammering large urban cities, I
    expected this from the beginning. What do these cities have in
    common? Massive welfare states, liberal governments, and a ton
    of minorities. I did a lot of field service work in the Los Angeles
    area. I knew when I was driving through ghettos and barrios when I
    started to see Barrio Booties and big black behinds. The truly poor
    lack these features but in areas where the welfare state rules, they
    are common!

  4. Funny, ain’t it, that in my small town we have yet to see our first case, even amongst the 4-5 folks I see fairly regularly who’re of the African-American persuasion? Than again, they don’ seem like the type to be claimin’ victim status.

    • More or less the same where I’m at, I.R.. With all the local preparations being done, thus far it’s been overkill. One positive is a measurable uptick in volunteerism to obtain, pack and distribute fresh and canned food to elderly and shut-ins.

      How long will this drag on? Local authorities claim another month or so and it will dip down and then a second wave will come in (as the 2-year Spanish Flu did).

      Just in time for the election. Dems must love that one, with Groper Joe losing his few remaining marbles and Bernie too radioactive to nominate.

  5. Personally I do not believe when it comes to the Coronavirus being black in any way makes a person more likely to contract the disease.
    The fact there are alleged incidences black populations in certain cities seem to be more at risk is a fallacy.
    You need to take into account Drug use including needle sharing , alcohol abuse,questionable attention to personal cleanliness & a tribal mentality to gather in population clusters. All of the forgoing heavily affect ones chances to contracting coronovirus & diminish their immune systems ability to minimize consequences.
    If one looks at the white or hispanic populations in Mexifornia, NYC or along the Mexican border & measure their rates of contracting the disease it becomes obvious color is not the culprit.
    While you can get condoms to protect yourself from venerea disease , A healthy life style , no drugs , no smoking pot, personal cleanliness & not gathering in groups are the keys to reducing the likelihood of being a coronavirus victim.
    One thing which really defines clustering is visit any Hospitals Emergency rooms & witness for yourselves how these groups use the Hospital ER` as a social hall & picnic area 24/7 .Often the same people are there every week end.
    Typically if you need to go to the ER , the wise thing is to go by ambulance because you are deemed an immediate crisis to address & go straight in to receive care. If you walk in & ask for assistance , the waiting time is usually around 6 hours
    I guess this post makers me a racist to some but so be it…..I call things as I see them. Some people just cannot handle the truth.

  6. I live in the Detroit area. The people in Detroit are not following social distancing. They gather in large groups that have to be broken up by police. It’s no wonder they are disproportionately getting the virus and dying. It’s not racism. It’s stupidity.

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