Ronsday – WooHoo Flu And Gummint Overreach

Ron rants.

So . . . where are all those hundreds of thousands of deaths, close to millions, we were supposed to see from this WooHoo Flu by this time already?

Could Fauci have been wrong? Hardly . . . he’s an EXPERT. Certainly not Bill Gates; he’s a genius. And did Hollywood overestimate the severity of a virus with a mortality rate basically equal to ordinary flu?

How could that be? No way. The intelligentsia globalists couldn’t have misread it that badly. Somebody must have messed up in reporting the worldwide deaths (which at the first of May were well under a quarter million).

Hey, in any given year, roughly 15% of the US population gets “the flu.” And at least 2/3 of the hospitalizations for flu symptoms are in adults over the age of 65 or people with other respiratory problems.

Generally speaking, deaths from the “ordinary” seasonal flu occur mostly amongst the aged, those 65 and older (roughly 60%).

During the 2017-18 flu season in the US, nearly a million people were hospitalized for it and over 80,000 died from it.

But the country wasn’t shut down, the economy wasn’t stifled, and people’s 1st Amendment rights weren’t suspended. AND, if you’d walked into a bank or a liquor store wearing a mask, you’d have been arrested.

Here’s the deal, as Sleepy Joe would say: CoVid-19 is a variant of influenza; it makes some people sick, is fatal to a small percentage, mostly the elderly or those with respiratory problems, and has little to no effect on the great majority of people.

As of 4 May, 2020, total deaths in the US are listed at 68,000, and I strongly suspect that if a graph were drawn with lines or bars showing deaths from all causes, those showing stroke, heart attack, emphysema, diabetes, and several others would plummet as the number attributed to CoVid-19 climbs.

In fact, considering how monies are distributed from federal funding, I’m sure that hospitals get much more reimbursement for expenses from the Kung Flu patients, especially where illegal aliens are involved, than from asthma or COPD or pneumonia or just plain ol’ gleep victims.

Makes me suspect that in some hospitals and morgues and convalescent centers, deaths from all kinds of reasons, including murder and suicide, are listed under the CoVid-19 stats.

What surprises me most is not the possibility that the globalists and elitists and opportunists are exploiting an exaggerated crisis to test their propaganda machinery, their fear tactics, their control strategies; that’s basically a given anyway.

What DOES surprise me is how quickly and readily such a large percent of the American population kowtowed to the idea, bowed to the “experts,” knelt to the petty little wannabe dictators who took away their jobs, their liberties, their freedoms, their rights.

People arrested for going to church, for allowing their children to play outside with neighbors’ children, for going to a beach, for not wearing face masks while walking their dogs. That’s fascism at its peak, guys. And not only did people accept it, but they snitched on their neighbors, just like good little Nazis.

Now . . . could it be that this overblown plannedemic might backfire on the globalists? Cause the peasants to use their common sense and realize that once rights and privileges are suspended, they’re often never restored without bloodshed?

This might turn out to be a seppuku moment for the would-be Himmlers and Heydriches and Stalins and Maos. A bridge too far, as it were, tone-deafness so profound as to make Nancy Pelosi seem like an owl with elephant ears.

Several states are seeing mini-rebellions resulting from the extended house-arrest dictates from governors. Kaliphornia governor Newsom ordered beaches closed, and thousands of people flocked to the shore to give him the finger. And Michigan’s state legislature has sued governor Whitmer over her draconian measures.

What some of those self-possessed elitists and globalists better hope is that no proof emerges to convince people that the social, cultural, and economic devastation wrought by this panic was deliberate and premeditated, by either national governments or shadow governments.

One thing Hollywood has shown repeatedly, as with the peasant uprising at the finale of Frankenstein, is that there are limits to just how much social oppression, deception, manipulation, and experimentation a people will tolerate, especially by elitists, illuminati, globalists, entrepreneurs, and anonymous oligarchs.

Then they have to be reminded of the truths that all men, rich and poor alike, are endowed with certain inalienable rights, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, which means that when government becomes destructive to the rights of the people, it is the duty of the people to alter or abolish that government and create one which works in support of the people.

There is a word known to billions of people on this planet which is most fitting to those last few paragraphs; it is Amen, and it means “so be it.”