Ronsday – State Of The Nation

Ron enlightens us.

Walkin around in the gusty pre-dawn winds this morning, I let my mind ponder where we is, where we’s goin, and who be responsible for it.

First, I b’lieve we’re headed for a cycle of inflation and wealth transfer from small bidness owners to big corps. Not quite confident it’ll be STAG-flation, but IN-flation fer shure, and fixed-income people – pensioners and those dependent upon Social Security and personal savings – will become f—ed-income people.

Ya jist cain’t keep printin money to spend yourself outta recession and not reduce the purchasing power of each Franklin. And, the only entity big and strong enuf to do anything about it all is the central government, which means it’ll self-feed into more growth and power.

The CDC and W.H.O. need to modify their edicts on behavior modification to make sure everybody wears blindfolds as well as face masks. That way they’ll not be able to see what government is up to.

And the list of culprits involved in getting us into coriolis spin toward the bowl drain is lengthy, including Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Clinton, Clinton, DingleBarry, Comey, Strzok, Schiff, Nadler, and a whole company of others.

But the worst is Malig-Nancy, ‘cause she’s an enabler, an encourager, a supporter of seditionists and domestic terrorists and agitprops and apostates who willfully and overtly tried to overturn a lawful election and remove a sitting president because they didn’t agree with his policies or management style.

Basically what happened is that she’s so fulla shit that when she got hold of the gavel again after the last mid-terms, we ran outta toilet paper. She, along with Schumer and Feinstein and RBG and several others are the poster children for term limits.

Again, almost 80 years old myself, I understand what it’s like to intellectually “lose a step,” to walk into a room and forget why I’m there, to lose my train of thought from time to time and change my mind based on how well lunch is sitting in my belly.

But Nancy is almost as bad as Sleepy Joe . . . if you put all their public statements for the past few months end to end you wouldn’t come up with a complete sentence or a rational plan for chewing gum and farting at the same time.

Fortunately for all females, the virus lockdown has kept Biden from inappropriately manhandling women and girls for a coupla months now. Hell, Biden’s so far gone into dementia that after DingleBarry finally gave his support to him for the PotUSy, Joe thanked Morgan Freeman for his endorsement for senator.

Sheeesh! The Dem machine knows painfully well that Sleepy Joe isn’t fit to sit in the PotUS chair, but short of resurrecting Her Rotten Heinous or having Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha endorse Mooch, they can’t figure out how to get rid of him now. And Pelosi enthusiastically supports his candidacy!! Betcha didn’t know the name “Nancy Pelosi” is basically an anagram for “Tipsy Dipshit.”

The last thing the Left wants to see is a return to the old “normal” of free enterprise, free speech, free movement, and freedom to own and carry firearms, and not free benefits, free health-care, and free abortions paid for by the 50% who actually have jobs.

They want the “New Normal” in which people cower behind their masks in their own homes, unable to go to a barber shop or beauty salon while mayors and governors get daily grooming by professionals so that they can hold news conferences without any masks.

They want to keep people from going to the beach or the golf course where they might get some disinfecting sunshine and healthy fresh air but to sit in their cars breathing stale CO2 while waiting for curb service at deep-fried cholesterol parlors.

Going to a ball game is illegal, but getting an abortion is essential health care. You might not be able to buy seeds to plant veggies, but you can buy all the liquor and wine you want . . . essentials, right?

Once they can get control of the Oval Office and Senate, they can centralize health care, nationalize businesses, restrict or rescind 1st Amendment rights, and get rid of personal firearms. In other words, turn the US into China.

That’s why SanFranShitShowNan wants to load up the relief funding bills with goodies for the no-loads and illegals and why mayors and governors assume powers that are clearly not permitted to them by the Constitution.

It’s as if the blue states are afraid that by opening first, the red states will develop an economic advantage over them and set their dream of total control back down from a rolling boil to a warm simmer.

The pandemicists who want to use the flu “crisis” to “fundamentally transform” the nation to their globalist agenda will gleefully correlate all deaths reported on or immediately after states or communities re-open for business as direct results of the reopening, although virtually all of them will have been infected at least 2 weeks prior to the day they died.

Y’know . . . we have governors and big-city mayors and senators and “experts” who can’t manage to accurately and honestly report the facts about covid deaths, so how the hell can we expect those states and cities to accurately count mail-in ballots? The most amazing thing about COVID19 is that history will show 2020 as the year nobody died of natural causes.

I’m kinda tired of the Branch Covidians and their never-let-a-good-crisis-go-to-waste merde. Sometimes I wonder . . . if a foreign country, such as England or France or Germany sent troops to invade us – which side would the Democrats choose to be on?

Does anybody believe that Durham’s report implicating DingleBarry in the Flynn assassination will result in any of the high-level traitors ever winding up behind bars?

The whole point of having Mueller come in under the pretense of investigating Russian collusion was to muddy up the waters to obscure all evidence of the coup by Comey and Strzok and Brennan et al. in their bungled attempt to bring down Trump and safeguard the status quo that Hillary’s election would have preserved and fed.

Does anybody doubt that Gropey Joe’s GeStaPo went back thru all the paper trails long ago and sanitized ‘em? Anything which might have cast any doubt as to his moral character would have been purged during the vetting for Veep in 2008.

The REAL investigation needs to be finding out who accessed his records back then and who accessed the ones he gave to the University of Delaware when he left office. And this business about being unable by law to access those records is bull; PotUS can compel their opening, as can the Congress by majority vote.

Sorry . . . kinda got carried away there. But, some of that stuff needs to be said . . . again and again and again – until the morning of 3 November, at least. We sure as hell don’t need a doddering old Broke-Dick Joe in the Oval Office with the entire Clinton/Obama cabal in the bushes and drapes behind him calling the shots.

Remember that old Beatles song, “Michelle, Ma Belle”? Well, sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble . . . tres bien ensemble.