AOTW 5-22-2020

So many assholes.

First up is Gropey Joe who just announced to black people that if they dion’t vote for him they weren’t black. Many black people said, “Really? Does that mean if we vote for Trump we’re white? When can we start?” Lots of blacks are really pissed off at Gropey Joe patronizing them. Looks like Gropey Joe is gonna have to select Abrams Tank or Horizontal Harris to recover from this.

Speaking of Horizontal Harris, she is pushing a resolution in the Senate which sez that calling the Kung Flu the Wuhan Virus is racist. Geez! What isn’t racist these days?

And back we go to Michigan where their unhinged AG Dana Nessel is pissed at Trump and Ford. It’s bad enough that they have Whitmer but they have this asshole as well.

Yeah. That’s the ticket. Bring charges against Ford. Maybe they’ll wise up and close some plants in Michigan and move them to red states.

But the winner is this dude from Detoilet who filmed himself beating up white patients in nursing homes.

I wonder if he is black enough to vote for Biden?


7 comments on “AOTW 5-22-2020

  1. You would think there isn’t enough stupid in the USA for Biden to have a ghost of a chance. Unfortunately you’d be wrong. Mainly because the MSM is totally in the tank of course.

  2. Our loudmouth AG had her Spanx in a knot over nothing. Trump later said
    he did wear a mask (but out of media’s gaze, just to irritate them). Yay, him. They need the tune-ups.

    Whitmer has loosened a few regulations. People accuse her with strong credibility that she did so to visit a second home, in this case a vacation cottage upstate. Some businesses can reopen, but state police still hand out $1,000 tickets for violating Skank’s dictates. Fortunately a judge has ordered the state to stop harrassing an Owosso barber who drew attention from that gorgeous Texas beautician who also got victimized by overzealous Democrats.

    Now Whitmer needs federal money for the massive flood damage spanning middle-of-the-Mitten. Can’t haul in cash from businesses she’s closed. Many won’t reopen. Democrats were at work.

    Life goes on. Unfortunately, also for this eminently-deserving A.O.W., who could use a whole bunch of his own hospitality. Curb stomp and repeat.

  3. Yeah, this guy wins over the politicians, but that’s okay ’cause we’ll have plenty of ’em from which to choose for years to come.

  4. Sorry folks, I am not going to use a euphemism like Bint or Scrunt to
    describe this leftist cunt! I would love to see this Gyno-American Marxist
    bar the President of the United States entry to the state of Michigan. I have
    been following politics for 40 of my nearly 64 years on this planet. Every
    time the left pushed their agenda too far it resulted in a Republican tidal
    wave from Eisenhower to present.

    Frau Gruppenfurher Whitmer is intentionally destroying small businesses
    because they do not vote Democrat. She is oblivious to the fact that she
    is pissing off a lot of working-class Independent and Democrat voters in
    the process. I used to do field service work on air compressors in the ghettos and Barrios in the Los Angeles area. You could not drive a block without
    seeing small restaurants, tire shops, car repair shops, and there more
    Christian churches than I could count.

    A word to Frau Gruppenfuhrer Whitmer:


    Trump will win Michigan in a landslide.

  5. Black people are only noticing NOW that the democrat party considers them to be their property in perpetuity?

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