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Has Elon Musk seen the light? He opened his Tesla factory in Fremont California in defiance of the lock down. And over the weekend he tweeted the following:

Can he really mean it?

Remember one of Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics. Everyone is a conservative about what he knows best.

I’ll believe Musk has taken the red pill when he closes his factory in California and moves it to a red state like Texas. We’ll see what happens when the pandemic blows over. Until then I’ll take whatever he sez with a grain of salt.

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  1. For Elon Musk it is all about keeping his name in front of the media. Otherwise just a self serving sleaze

  2. Remember the product he sells needs a good amount of government subsidies to make the car worthwhile otherwise very few would buy it. What is ironic is that he complained that the County was preventing him from operating his plant while he is getting subsidies from the Federal government.

  3. Those who tout “clean” electric vehicles are hypocrites who forget that coal-fired power plants must generate the electricity to charge the batteries. Its like a hypocrite who has a bumper sticker “No blood for oil” on a car, instead of a bicycle.

  4. To go further, count up all the rare earth elements that make up the motors & batteries, and the fossil fuel energy it took to mine them, and refine them. The Tesla owners could drive their car until it ends its’ useful life, and not equal the energy & pollution used to create the car in the first place.

    I’ll note the same argument applies to wind power, for those who claim that they use the wind to charge their Teslas. The wind turbine won’t ever recover the energy & pollution used to create it, before it ends its’ useful life.

    • I will not buy such an electric vehicle because of the large battery capacity that I would sit atop. That is a lot of electrical stored energy to let loose at once if there is a short or other internal failure. At least with gasoline & diesel vehicles, we have years of experience in how to safely contain the liquid fuel stored energy, but we don’t yet have such track record with batteries.

      • I have a electric (ie battery powered) golf cart. I wouldn’t have bought it but it came with the house. (The previous owner didn’t want the cart). Anyway, every four or five years, six new batteries are required. During that time I may have burned up about 10 gallons of gas. I dont play very much golf but live in a neighborhood where I can take the cart to a shopping district which is easier to part. Anyway, i expect the pollution expended by both the recharging electricity and throwing away six batteries every few years is way the ell more than a few gallons of evil gasoline.

  5. If he moves, he’ll bring a lot of those leftist loons with him. They will move with the jobs bringing their socialism with them. They never understand that is why they had to move in the first place.
    Leftists are like nuisance dogs. They mess on everything then move to the next place to mess some more.
    Residents of Texas would do well to keep Musk and his Tesla business out.

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