Ronsday – Cough-19 Epizootic

Ron rants.

O.K. I am now officially convinced that no one, that’s NO FARGIN ONE!!, knows what the hell is going on with the Cough-19 epizootic.

Jay Zeus Haitch Crates, first “it ain’t airborne.” Then “it ain’t contagious.” Then “it ain’t any worse than reg’lar flu.” Then “Holy Shit! We’re all gonna die!”

Then it was “Everybody into the cave! Buy all the toilet paper you can! Drink Clorox and spray your lungs with Lysol. Don’t leave the house – for any reason!” “Trust the doctors . . . NO, not THAT doctor!!”

I’m beginning to believe some of the conspiracy theories I’ve been readin about Soros and Gates and Thunbergites and all the rest who want to completely do away with fossil fuels, reduce planet human population by at least 80%, and keep everybody except nurses and truck drivers huddled in their homes, in perpetuity.

This mornin I read the interview by Neil Cavuto with a doctor who called him a mucking foron for saying “you will die” from taking hydroxychloriquine. Go here

So then I toasted a bagel and started readin articles on how many people have died and which doctors say it works and which don’t and on and on and on. What’d I learn??? That Nobody freakin knows. NOBODY!

Best I can come up with is that, much like with many other medications, certain people should not use the stuff . . . like some people can’t use penicillin and some can’t handle ibuprofen, and my wife for example can’t use simvastatin, but she can use atorvastatin. I, for example, don’t tolerate codeine well, and hydrochlorothiazide damned near totally wrecked my kidneys.

Apparently certain types of blood disorders and heart issues make chloroquine in any form dangerous, even lethal. And nobody should ever take powerful drugs without first talking it over with their doctors.

Now, yes . . . some doctors will prescribe it just on request, same as a whole lotta docs did with the opioids (which killed grunches of people after a while). And not every doc sees every aspect of every patient’s health every time. Mistakes happen.

But as soon as DJT says he’s usin the stuff as a prophylaxis, the left turns it into a political weapon. Only problem I see with it – since he’s regularly checked out by the best medical staff available on the friggin planet – is that his endorsing it as a preventive will cause a run on it, thus depriving lupus and severe arthritis and malaria patients access to it. AND, drive the price up.

“It’ll take two years, at least, to develop and trust a vaccine.” Followed immediately by “Reports suggest that we will have a working, tested, affordable treatment by Christmas.”

And then, “The only way to handle this is if everyone wears a mask and stays home.” Followed immediately by, “The quarantine cure will wind up killing more people and ruining more lives than the disease.”

I’m tellin ya, guys . . . you ask 5 doctors what to do about this crap and you’ll get 8 different answers. Nobody freakin knows squat. But I do know this – you keep this country shut down and the economy on hold much longer, and we’ll slide right by recession and into depression.

And you run one more multi-trillion “relief” package out requiring the printing of trainloads of currency backed by absolutely NOTHING, and in a few years it’ll take a dump truck full of Franklins to buy a friggin potato. What I DON’T know is if that’ll be before or after the revolution.

I’m gonna go to YouTube and find some old comedy skits to watch ‘til the sun comes up, then I’m gonna go edge the driveway and sidewalk . . . anything to clear my mental palate of the drecch I find on the news these days. I mean, hell . . . I never cared for Cavuto, and never watched him, but I got the impression that a lotta Fox viewers placed great trust in him. And now he comes up with “That stuff’ll kill you!” ??? Mucking anti-Trump foron.

An afterword from me.

Yannow, when Ron and I were in the Navy and we were serving in the tropics we took a drug similar to chloroquine (if not chloroquine itself). All I remember is it was a form of quinine and we took it to prevent us from getting malaria. Some guys refused to take it because it gave them the shits but I had no side effects from it whatsoever. Geez! If we come up with a vaccine and Trump recommends it, the Dimocrata and the Fake News Media will come out against it.

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  1. A friend of mine was diagnosed with it. How are you doing I asked?. He said, “Bah. I’ve had worse hangovers.” He is about 70 yo.

  2. You would think that if it was as bad as they say, then they would want Trump to take it so that it would harm him in some way. This tells me all I need to know. It’s safe and good and they know it. I can’t take the medication due to heart issues. Must mean Trump has a good heart.

  3. Random thoughts: Bill Mahr summed it up best when he described this mess as “Panic Porn.”

    Trump will never get a break from the press or the dems. If he walked on water, tomorrow’s headline on the NYT would be Trump Can’t Swim.

    Nobody knows exactly what’s going on but tin pot despots love the power. Today, governor Gretchen allowed a gay swingers sex club to re-open as “essential,” but still pursues pulling a barber’s license for re-opening without permission.

  4. “Epizootic” is the term that is used instead of “epidemic” for non-humans, such as horses and other animals. It fits here because the Dimocrat states are all being run by horses-asses.

    • Roger that, good take — but I had in mind a slightly different take on the word, originating in the phrase “epizootic of the blowhole” which I heard some years back and found interesting.

      Refers to a situation involving people speaking with great asssurance and at great length on subjects they know virtually nothing about or have simply read about recently, possibly in a gossip column.

      Also, in its original form, “epizootic” would be pronounced “epi-zoe-otic,” but in my sense it’s pronounced with a long “u” as in zoo. More snarky that way, n’est ce-pas?

      • In the late 1800’s, just before the invention of the cable car, all street railways used horsecars. “The Great Epizootic”, a lung infection, struck and killed tens of thousands of horses in NYC & Phila. It got so bad that groups of people had to pull horsecars. (From “The Cable Car in America” by George W. Hilton)

  5. In another few months you’ll be havin’ commercials with some sultry chick tellin’ you to call an 800 number to “consult” with a “doctor” so they can ship it to you in a plain brown wrapper.

  6. I know this is a guy’s space, but in the interest of everyone’s health, I want to let you know two things.

    1. The M.D. at the pharmacy is The Man. Your local doc, heck, your local brain surgeon is a moron when it comes to what drug you can safely take. If you get a corona-chan diagnosis and you want to use Hydroxychlorquine + Z-pack as a Wuhan Gurgling Death prophylactic, talk to the doctor (ask for him) at your pharmacy. He can tell you your real risks.

    2. My Aged Mother used to take this regularly for 10 – 20 days at a run when she went to visit the family in Brasil. It really is quite safe for medium term use IFF you are not one of the persons with a pre-existing condition that makes it not safe. See. #1 above.

    Back to lurking, but before I go: Surface line, mighty fine. Go Navy! Thanks for the reads (and putting the boobage behind a cut, so I can visit)

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