Why Are We Still Poor?

The Atlanta Urinal and Constipation somehow let this little nugget slip through in one of their articles about the protests riots. Some young black dude said the following:

“This city has been run by black people my entire life. Why are we still poor?”

Maybe it’s because it’s been the wrong black people. Your elected officials are not there to make things better for you. They’re there to make things better for themselves. They are the useful idiots of the Dimocrat Party. The Dimocrat Party wants to keep you poor uneducated, and dependent upon the gummint. The gummint schools no longer exist to educate but to brainwash and to be a jobs program for teachers. The teachers unions couldn’t care less if you get educated.

Now let me ask you a few questions young black male.

Were you raised by a single mother?

Do you know who your father is?

Did he help raise you or was he a sperm donor?

Was your mother a teenager when she started having children?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, that’s why you’re still poor. The biggest cause of poverty in this country is people having children out of wedlock that they can’t afford. The illegitimacy rate in the African community is 75%. Three quarters of African children are born out of wedlock. Most of them are raised by single mothers who started having children when they were teenagers. Their mothers did the same thing.

Now some more questions.

Did you graduate from high school?

Can you read, write, and speak standard American English?

Have you ever held a job?

If you answered no to any of those questions that’s why you’re still poor. You can’t expect black politicians to help you. You need to help yourself by getting an education and developing a work ethic. Unfortunately, you were prolly told that doing well in school was “acting white”. Well maybe if you acted white, you could get some of that white privilege I keep hearing about.

At IBM, I worked with a man who was the son of a Mississippi sharecropper. He joined the Air Force and learned electronics. He got a job with IBM. I met him when we were both mainframe instructors. He had gotten rid of his Mississippi accent. He dressed well. I guess he “acted white”. He was also paid well and eventually became a manager.

IBM used to have an outreach program where employees would speak at local schools. This man would come back from speaking at a local school and be really depressed. He told me that there he was reaching out a hand to try and pull people up and they wanted to pull him down. They thought he was a sellout, an Uncle Tom.

That my young black male is why you’re still poor.

Are you in a gang?

Are your role models rappers, athletes, pimps, and drug dealers?

If you answered yes, that’s why you’re still poor.

All my life we’ve been trying to help our Africans. We integrated schools so they could get the same education as white kids. We gave them job preferences with affirmative action, now renamed Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) We lowered standards so they could get into colleges. And, of course, we have supported them with housing, welfare, and food stamps.

But it’s never enough is it? They commit the majority of crime but somehow it’s our fault. They destroy their neighborhoods with their rioting and looting and then complain about food deserts.

Now they want reparations for sumpin’ that happened 160 years ago.

I got news for you. We are paying reparations with the housing, welfare, and food stamps. Then there’s the cost of rebuilding the neighborhoods you destroy on a regular basis when you riot.

I’m sick of you blaming me because you’re poor. It ain’t my fault and I’m sick of your whining and your crime and your riots. You can succeed if you get off your ass and take responsibility for your actions. As someone once said, “Turn your hat around, pull up your pants, and get a job.” It can be done. I worked with enough black people at IBM.

As for the Black Lives Matter bullshit, more whites are killed by Africans than the other way around. When it comes to interracial crime, Africans are the kings. Check out this chart.

Click to enlarge.

I am so sick of this bullshit!