Defund The Police

Defund the police. That’s the latest liberal idea. Do it! Do it! I wanna see all of those blue cities go up in smoke.

In New York, Mayor Wilhelm’s wife said that a cop free New York city would be a “nirvana” and a “utopia”. I’m down with that. Let’s start with your security detail. Let’s see how you would like NYC to be cop free then, especially when the rioters and looters hit the mayor’s mansion where you live.

The city council in Minneapolis, by a veto proof majority, has voted to defund the police. Good for them. I wanna see Minneapolis replace St. Louis as the most dangerous city in the country. You Scandicucks are getting what you voted for good and hard. Look for more businesses leaving Minneapolis.

In Seattle, there is a new nation, CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), set up by Antifa. The governor of Washington, is down with this. CHAZ has its own warlord leader, a rapper named Raz Simone. Guys, The Last Centurion was not a how to manual. The difference is this is happening in Seattle, not Detoilet. Let’s defund the cops in Seattle and turn it into a shit hole.

The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, is cutting $150 million from the police budget and diverting it to social programs.

“Hello 911, someone is breaking into my house.”

911: “Have no fear. A social worker is on her way. The burglar has been deprived and just needs some counseling.”

This is a winning proposition for Dimocrats because everyone knows that less cops means less crime. Look at how peaceful the protests have been with the blue state mayors keeping the cops from interfering with them. It worked with the St. Freddy riots in Baltimore didn’t it? And it’s been working with the St. George riots as the protesters have been peacefully looting and burning down stores.

Defund the police! Give us more riots!

It’s gonna be a long hot summer.