AOTW 6-26-2020

I’m giving it to Speaker Blinky who continues to kowtow to Black Lies Matter. Of course, she can’t even remember George Floyd’s name.


7 comments on “AOTW 6-26-2020

  1. Blinky had a Dementia Joe moment, flashing back to “Topper”. The ghosts that haunted Cosmo Topper were George and Marian Kirby.

  2. Oh for fucks sakes Denny, when they were all kneeling like Wakandan chess pieces wearing Ganda Kente scarves by the direction of speaker of the house Nanshee’s plans, other than too fat to kneel Jerry Nadler (maybe a jew thing?), give poor dead, Saint Floyd the Felonious of Fentanyl, Meth, THC, and counterfeit currency ™ a break.

  3. Somebody ought to make stickers for the award and start pastin’ ’em on Nancy’s office door, like fighter pilots used to designate kills.

  4. Cleary Nastie Auntie Nancy should be awarded a lifetime achievement for assholiness. Just like Chuckie The Smuck should get for not even qualify to be pimple on President Trumps ass.

  5. I think George Kirby was a friend of Buffalo Bill who started a company to make Wigwam Buffalo Rug Sweepers so the Sioux Indians could sit on the rugs & fart without raising a tell tale dust cloud.
    I think Princess Pelosi dated him a time or two when she went west to California from Jersey in a Prairie Schooner. Sitting in the front seat in a cloud of oxen fart fumes for 6 or 7 months could bring on Dementia to anybody who went to California by wagon.

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