So the bald headed member of The Squad, Ayanna Pressley recently said, “Black Lives Matter is a mandate from the people. It’s time. Pay us what you owe us. Our black skin is not a crime, it is the beautiful robe of nation builders.”

Yeah, look at what you’ve built in Africa. Wakanda is a myth.

Another dude who has called for reparations is the guy who founded BET. He said we should give every descendant of slaves $300K at a cost of $14 trillion. That will be a lot of money to print and a lot of money wasted.

It will be just like lottery winners. Two years after receiving the money it will be gone after they’ve blown it on Cadillac Escalades with nice wheels and lots of jewelry and they’ll be back asking for more because it wasn’t enough to remove the “stain of Slavery®”.

I remember about twenty years ago reading a column by a conservative columnist who said he would gladly pay reparations if it would get them to shut up. That will never happen. Once you pay the Danegeld you must continue to pay the Danegeld. It never stops until you stand up and say, Enough!”

As for reparations, we have been paying them for years in the form of welfare, Food Stamps, and housing. We don’t owe Africans reparations they owe us reparations for their drain on the economy.

Here are more reparations they owe us.

Looting costs in America’s 20 largest metropolitan areas exceeded $400 million from the first weekend of rioting, according to a new report from the Anderson Economic Group.

“This includes property damage, lost inventory, cleanup and reconstruction costs, and closure-related lost wages,” the report stated. “[The study] did not assign any costs to peaceful protests or demonstrations.”

And that’s just the first weekend.

Every time our Africans decide to riot and destroy their own neighborhoods guess who gets the bill to rebuild them? Hint: It ain’t the Africans. It’s all of us privileged pale skin people who play by the rules who have to foot the bill. We did it for Watts, we did it for Detoilet, and we’ll do it for the current crop of riots. There are your reparations right there.

Not only do we have to support you parasites, but we have to clean up your shit when you misbehave. You canonize rapists, thugs, and drug dealers and then wonder why you can’t get out of poverty.

As for Black Lies Matter have you seen what’s been going on in Chicongo?

330 murders, mostly Africans killing other Africans but not a peep from Black Lies Matter.

Yeah, let’s give them reparations. Then they can buy more guns and ammo. With a little more effort they can blow right past 2016 and 2017. And then they can blame it on Trump.

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  1. “Our black skin is not a crime”. Neither is white skin you bigot and racist. What a butthead. It’s ok the be white.

    • Yep – apparently she hasn’t figured out that NONE of us had any choice as to who our parents were.
      NOBODY today ‘owes’ anyone else for things that happened well over 150 years ago,

  2. In the Holy Bible Old Testament, the Jews were required to bring sacrificial offerings through the High Priest to God to atone for sins. Offerings were continually being made, as sins continued to be committed.
    Now we have the parallel of white “sinners” demanded to pay repeated “reparation” sacrifices by, and to, the BLM priests. Such demands will never stop.

  3. Being a member of a high-risk population, I wash my hands and social distance. I’m not talking about COVID, but BLM. I wash my hands of, and social distance as far as I can from, BLM. I am under high risk by being a 66-year-old white male, which makes me a target in BLM’s eyes. They are destroying all white historical statues simply because those whites lived more privileged lives than blacks lived. It does not matter that some whites were fighting for black equality. It is enough to make them evil in BLM’s eyes that they simply lived better lives, like the biblical parable of the rich man and Lazarus, the beggar.

    Jessie Smollet,Nascar’s Bubba Wallace
    Anything to guilt whitey
    racebaiters Jesse Jackson/raonbow coalition
    Farahkan/nation of islam democrats/liberals/KKK

  5. After the slaves were freed, they could have gotten on a boat and gone back to their homeland. But they chose to stay here.

  6. “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
    ― Booker T. Washington

  7. Blacks realize that the DEMS realize that they’re losing their airtight lock on the black vote, that many blacks are beginning to understand that by championing illegal aliens, the Dems are denying black people even the jobs that whites won’t do.

    They also know, if they have any sense at all, that a reparations plan would be totally implausible logistically and that it would never make it through Congress anyway.

    So what they’re doing is haggling — starting with prices in the stratosphere (reparations in 6 figures for every black regardless of origin or descendancy). If they get anything out of that, great. But basically they’re saying “Hey, dummocrats, we’re onto your game, so if you don’t give us SUMPIN we’re gonna vote you outta office.”

    The writing on the wall was universal and inarguable: A republican freed the slaves, republicans got the Civil Rights bill thru Congress, and with Trump in office the rate of black unemployment was lowest in history ’til the Chinee let loose wuhuflu and shut the WORLD down.

    Many are still addicted to welfare and food stamps, of course, as a direct result of living on the modern dems’ plantations ever since LBJ. But there’s somethin about havin a good job, a warm dry bed, and decent food you earned yourself that makes people feel better than just linin up at the entitlement teat for gimmees.

    They’re haggling, at least the noisy racebaiters are. They figure the entitlement wagon is about to pull up stakes, so they wanna grab whatever they can get before it leaves town.

    They’re puttin Dems in the position of HAVING to concede more freebies or pull their hands back out of the golden goose’s ass.

  8. $$$$ 22 Trillion $$$$$$

    22 Trillion dollars have been spent on the war on poverty since 1964. How much more money will it cost to get a part of our population get off their asses and stop taking government handouts?

    Let’s get the facts straight on slavery.

    Black people, in Africa, sold other black people into slavery to English plantation owners ultimately.

    Americans, a different minded citizen than the English colonists, decided to free us from our British rule and end their laws, controls and influences. We fought and gained our independence from England and then proceeded to create and develop our nation as a home of freedom.

    Within slightly more than half a century we fought a war over the issue of slavery with the north dedicated to ending slavery as an institution in our nation. Hundreds of thousands of northern soldiers died along with an equal number being wounded in order to win this war and free the slaves. That is a hell of a huge price in blood paid for freedom.

    Republicans voted Lincoln in, and fought the civil war for the north. No credit for that either. Democrats were the majority in the south and after they lost they created the KKK. We get no credit for this or, rather, the democrats get this credit that they do not deserve.

    As a nation in the world, we were one of the first to end slavery in our borders. We get no credit for that. (Slavery still exists in those ‘wonderful’ African nations run by blacks BTW)

    We (Republicans) passed amendments clarifying the fact that blacks were equal in their rights with the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. No credit for that either.

    No, 22 trillion along with hundreds of thousands of lives is quite enough. If anything, we, Caucasian, Republican Americans deserve reparations and respect for having done what we have already done.

  9. Republicans voted Lincoln in, and fought the civil war for the north. No credit for that either. Democrats were the majority in the south and after they lost they created the KKK. We get no credit for this or, rather, the democrats get this credit that they do not deserve.

    Messed up….. Should be

    Republicans voted Lincoln in, and fought the civil war for the north. No credit for that either. Democrats were the majority in the south and after they lost they created the KKK. They get no credit for this or, rather, the democrats get credit for freeing the slaves that they do not deserve.

  10. The thing about Wakanda’s government is that anyone can challenge the king and, if you kick his ass (and preferably kill him), you get to replace him. Sure, it was an unrealistic fantasy nation, but that does seem to be the way it works in the hellholes of the world.

  11. I say pay them reparations.
    Then, when they pull out the Race Card, we can say, “Fuck you! You got paid.”

    • Around 20 years ago in Chicongo, people wanted to circulate “Afro Bucks”, substitute paper money with black images. But, there was a premium subtracted so that the merchant would get only $19 and change, instead of $20, just like a premium being subtracted from a credit card charge. I thought “Why would they want to circulate paper with black faces that is worth less?” So, pay them in Afro bucks.

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