Ronsday – Black Rant

Ron rants.

Jeeeeez, I’m getting tired of the patronizing, the pandering, the apologizing, the kneeling. Bullshit! Let’s put away the masks, lock up the looters, and get on with it, goddammit.

Opportunity for venting rage, acting out childish tantrums, looting, vandalizing — what the hell does any of that have to do with social justice? It has very VERY little in the way of actually fixing anything connected with George Floyd or racism in general.

Floyd is nothing more than an excuse, a trigger, an experiment in converting the US from a viable republic into simply another failed state run by Africans just like Somalia, or Chad, or Nigeria, or Zimbabwe.

The rioters and protestors and demonstrators aren’t truly interested in justice, only in material reparation and compensation for quitting school, having babies to collect welfare checks, and voting Democrat for the freebies Dems promise.

Records clearly show that more whites die while being arrested than blacks. Period. And that’s surprising given the fact that blacks commit over half the crime in the US. And in many cases of blacks dying during arrest, at least one of the officers making the arrest is black.

Police officers are several times more likely to be killed by a black than a black killed by a white police officer. But that doesn’t fit the panderagenda, so you won’t hear about it on mainstream media.

The media’s constant drumbeat of black “victim” white “oppressor” gets its message across and fuels the fires of frustration, anger, jealousy, and the excitement of mayhem in the streets with fires and violence ignorantly directed at their own or those who actually side with their cause.

Destruction of statuary, especially lynching those of old white men suspected of being either slaveowners or Confederate sympathizers, is symbolic of murder. It gives the mob a sense of “social justice” purpose, satisfies the lust for pillaging, and reinforces the worst myths about slavery perpetuated by race baiters. And, it serves as a gateway to lawless marauding just for the excitement and freebies.

Very few people in the US ever owned slaves, and most blacks today can’t trace their history back to slavery by white people. If they looked closely enough, they’d probably find that if they ARE descended from African slaves, it was other Africans who captured and sold their ancestors, Arabs who arranged transport, and Europeans who managed the trade.

Most of the slavery in the colonies and early US involved whites, basically indentured servants or criminals or unfortunate Irish and Scots who came here penniless and were forced into slave labor just to survive.

Blacks don’t want a “conversation” about race. They don’t want apologies. They don’t want words at all. The normal ones want simply to be left alone to find a job and raise their families in peace. The noisy ones will NEVER be satisfied until all the whites have been eaten, either metaphorically or economically.

The bottom line is intimidation, appeasement, revenge, and extortion. And those who kneel, those who apologize for things they never did, those who grovel and suck up to ignorant savages will receive only contempt in return for their efforts.

A second Trump term will very likely precipitate full-on insurrection by social justice warriors and ignorant, greedy black dropouts. A Biden potusy will bring about patronage and pandering on a massive scale with Asians and Latinos suffering tremendously from most-favored status by unqualified blacks.

We had a self-proclaimed black president for 8 years, and he enjoyed majorities in either or both houses of Congress for much of his tenure along with a sympathetic liberal-leaning Supreme Court. He did nothing positive in race relations and in fact set them back at least 50 years by his inept meddling and biased thinking.

I keep hearing people say we need to “reset” the country, by which they mean establish new “norms” of behavior, political correctness, fairness, education, and so on. Bullshit! We do NOT need to reset with “new norms”; what we need is to RESTORE to manufacturer’s original settings.

5 comments on “Ronsday – Black Rant

  1. BLM black lives marxist;
    Its a new generation;
    Islam was OK,once
    when Cassius Clay became Muhammed Ali
    Lew Alcindor became Kareem Abdul Jabbar-wocky
    We accepted Cat Stevens became Yousef Mohammed
    America is accepting tolerates change be nice if african-americans
    might realize they are no linger slaves.
    Heck even Hebrews haved moved on ambitiously and successfully
    through some heavy shit, like the holocaust

  2. Not all snowflakes are Caucasians. Some are of African descent. They are “triggered”, too. We can’t designate a Juneteenth Holiday commemorating the end of slavery, because these people are still slaves. Whatever takes over control of your thoughts and feelings is your “massa”. In the above list of names, don’t forget H. Rap Brown. He has a new “turbanhead” name too.

  3. Hey y’all. Why are you so afraid of change?
    I mean, how bad can Venezuela be? (/sarc)
    Still, the insurrectionists’ rhetoric always seems to be 2 steps ahead of us.
    This is well planned and decades in the making.
    They’re organized. We’re not. If we ever needed a militia it’s now. Oh, yeah. The police will protect us.

  4. I disagree with “his inept meddling and biased thinking.” He was a noted ‘Community Organizer’ who specialized in getting blacks to ‘act out’ in Chicago. He believed in fostering racial discontent & divisions as a way to force change, which is the method he learned from his mentor, Saul Alinsky. (Saul Alinsky considered him one of his two acolytes, the other being Hillary Clinton.) I think he was bringing his community organizing to the national scale, and we are now seeing the results.

  5. “The bottom line is intimidation, appeasement, revenge, and extortion. And those who kneel, those who apologize for things they never did, those who grovel and suck up to ignorant savages will receive only contempt in return for their efforts.”

    And rational folks would say that the contempt is well-deserved.

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