Saturday Boobage 6-13-2020

From Alphadelta.

15 comments on “Saturday Boobage 6-13-2020

  1. Holy crap! That must be from when I started my No ink, No metal warpath, which I still live by today. Never settle for them with metal everywhere and, if it’s got ink then don’t stick it in the pink. Sluts are common- aim higher.

      • Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Just basing my life experiences from what it is I’ve learned over the decades. Today, a ‘rebellious’ female, in my opinion, is one that has neither and, is committed to raising a decent family. The ‘normies’ are all tatted up with piercings in unGodly places and, basically only give a shit about what has been pushed as a “liberated” female falsely led to believe they are what is to lead the world.

        I am not alone in this belief if I see the movement within the younger generation.

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