Irony In Seattle

Have y’all seen this? I love watching it. Darwin in action. They fly through the air with the greatest of ease. No, I have no sympathy. When you look at what the SJWs in this country do to those on the right in destroying their lives it doesn’t bother me a bit.

Two Black Lies Matter protesters hit by a white supremacist on a Seattle freeway. At least that was the original narrative. That was before irony reared its ugly head.

Get that? The Black Lies Matters protesters are white and the “white supremacist” is black.

And aren’t those two protesters sparkling representatives of humanity? Summer Taylor, who has since died, identified as non-binary. Sure she did. Listen up, if you were born with a vagina you are female. If you think you aren’t you have a mental problem and need to see a shrink. Unfortunately, too many shrinks now no longer believe these people are mentally ill.

And look at Diaz Love. I bet her parents are proud of her, unless they are SJWs and raised her to be a maroon.

There is just so much wrong with this story.

First off, don’t protest on interstate highways. My parents brought me up to not play in traffic.

Second, the Seattle cops facilitated this bullshit by closing off I-5 and allowing these booger eatin’ moh-rons to protest instead of arresting them for creating a public nuisance. The only way this video would have been better is if an 18 wheeler had crashed into these maroons.

Here in Atlanta, we had protesters make it to the Downtown Connector (I-75 and I-85 through downtown Atlanta) once. Ever since then, whenever they try to do it again, and they have multiple times, the cops have headed them off at the freeway entrances.

This bullshit in Seattle was bound to happen. It was only a matter of time. People shouldn’t be playing on interstate highways. This went from Black Lies Matter to White Girls Splatter.

I’m just glad that it was a black dude driving. Really killed the narrative. I mean the Fake News Media came up with a new demographic, White Hispanic, with George Zimmerman. It’s kinda hard to make Dawit Kelete into a white dude.