Ronsday – White Privilege And Stuff

Ron opines.

Y’know . . . I must be stoopid or somethin – missin the point – not gittin the message – goin thru life with blinders on – missed the memo — somethin . . . . .

I mean, the New York Times announced that “Trump Uses Mount Rushmore Speech to Deliver Divisive Culture War Message.”

ABC News tells everybody watchin it that “Trump pushes racial division, flouts virus rules at Rushmore.”

The L.A. Times chimed in with “At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture war.”

And CNN, trying desperately to achieve some relevance and improve its numbers through pandering and bandwagoning, has depreciated George Washington and Thomas Jefferson down to “two slave owners.”

Apparently the whole message of the mainstream media for this year’s Independence Day activities was a focused, consolidated campaign to convince Americans that they have nothing to be proud of and much to be ashamed of.

They all bashed Trump for “barely mentioning the frightening resurgence of the pandemic.” Jay Zeus H. Cripes, don’t we get enough of that 24/7 from every goddam news channel?

I thought that with all my years in various schools and post-secondary degrees, I was a reasonably intelligent and informed individual. But what I can’t comprehend is, what the HELL is it that the left has to offer instead of Trump. Would Hillary “The Mistress of Arkancide,” a professional liar, a career criminal, a greedy hypocrite, be that much better a president?

How will we be better off politically, economically, spiritually, intellectually, or even emotionally with our history either completely erased or radically replaced? How does having a Black Miss America contest or a Black Congressional Caucus or a Black Entertainment TV channel enrich our lives?

How will playing some completely irrelevant “black national anthem” (“Lift Every Voice and Sing”) before sporting events heal the racial divide? How will selecting the first-in-line-in-case-of-PotUScide on the limited criteria of melanin and estrogen make us better off? And what about Latinos? Do we play “La Cucaracha” before games now? Or have some Muslim moo for us over the speakers?

And how did that equal-opportunity experiment of elevating an inexperienced, incompetent, inept, non-American halfrican to Commander-in-Chief work out, by the way?

Most of the leftistos working to erase our history and diversify our culture don’t know how it all happened for the first 200 years, who’s behind what’s happening today, what will result from their “demonstrations,” they don’t even know that they don’t know that they don’t know what they don’t know.

Today the hand-wringing has gone full-bore cringeworthy. White guilt is pandemic. Apologies rend the air and ring in the ears like a 3-barrel salvo from a 16” equipped battleship (probably made by black slaves in an Alabama shipyard while whites drank mint juleps and played tennis). White privilege has become the scarlet letter of the 3rd millennium.

People who have never owned any kind of slave, who have descended mostly from people who never owned any kind of slave, who are watching their history being revised, perverted, and discarded in the name of “diversity,” are now being convinced that they are responsible for everything bad that has ever happened since the Cro-Magnons replaced the Neanderthals.

American children and grandchildren of that “greatest generation” which helped free more than half the world from master races and forced labor and ethnic cleansing are now being braindazzled by unicorn riders and entitlement junkies to resent their “white privilege” because they “didn’t build that” according to the magic hybrid, so their possession is unlawful and unjust and they must give it back to the ones who DID build it, Africans, Arabs, and Aztecs, or so sayeth Soetoro.

The Marxists and Leninists and Alinskyites have slowly, methodically, patiently repeated their lies to the point that they’ve acquired a faux patina of plausibility. They’ve made successful, educated, taxpaying white citizens ashamed of their heritage, of their accomplishments, of their melanin deficiency.

Decades of steady, relentless, but mostly under-the-radar indoctrination have finally paid off so that the anarchists and parasites can go unmasked through the streets attacking law-abiding citizens for imaginary crimes and snitch on THEM for NOT wearing masks. Blacks, of course, are exempt from wearing Covid masks because it’s R-A-C-I-S-S-S!

One fundamental tenet of the whole crusade is that white skin equates to privilege, which equates to racism, which equates to oppression, to the point that no matter what Whitey does to atone, to apologize, to redeem himself for things he never did, it’s not enough because he is inherently, congenitally, and irretrievably racist.

The only avenue left open for whites is to surrender everything they have, including wealth, property, and power, to people of color, whether they descended from slaves or from people of color who profited by capturing and selling slaves or don’t have a clue about their genealogy because LBJ made having lots of black babies by absent fathers a cottage industry.

Only through complete eradication of white America’s heritage, history, heroes, borders, language, traditions, economics, and especially country & western music can the racist whites even BEGIN to repair the damage their systemic racism has wrought on innocent brown and black people.

So let’s all kneel six feet apart in our “I surrender” masks and sing “Lift Every Voice For La Cucaracha” while intrepid social justice warriors chisel the facial features from Rushmore and a huge mosque replaces the memorial opposite the new Quetzalcoatl pyramid by the Reflecting Pool (recently rededicated as Black Lives Lagoon).