Living It Up In Chicago

They’re having a great time in Chicago. They’re on the way to a record year. In murders. This is just more proof that black lives don’t matter since most of those murdered are Africans. This is what Wakanda really looks like.

Let’s check out the numbers via HeyJackass.

I think if they work just a little bit harder they could get that down to a person being shot every two hours. Maybe defunding the police would help.

Let’s see how this year compares to other years.

It’s nice to see that the markmanship of the Africans has improved. By this time, back in 2017 out of 424 shot 383 died. This year 417 shot for 398 killed.

Lori Lightweight sure is doing a great job running Chicago. She’s making Harold Washington look good by comparison.

Between Lightweight’s incompetence and Kim Foxx’s releasing criminals you people in Chicago are getting what you voted for. Good and hard.