Reparations for Euro-Americans

One of my readers sent me this.

I think it is about time for Americans of Central European heritage to sue the government and people of Mongolia for reparations regarding the enslavement of their ancestors as Genghis Khan’s Golden Horde swept across Europe.

And Americans of Balkan heritage should sue Turkey for reparations regarding the Ottoman Empire’s enslavement of their ancestors.

Being of Germanic heritage, I plan to sue Italy for reparations for their enslavement of my ancestors, and the depredations the Romans inflicted on my ancestral lands. I will demand that Italy grind down all the statuary of their emperors and Roman Legion generals who brought German slaves back to Rome to fight in the Colosseum. The Colosseum will of course also have to be dismantled and turned into affordable housing.

Can you even begin to imagine how much it pains me to go into the gym and see the rowing machines, with the angst it engenders as I think of my great-great-great-great-great-great-great etc-grandpa as a galley slave, chained to a rowing bench on a Roman warship? Those rowing machines will have to go. We cannot even begin to address the issues of reparations as long as there are rowing machines in any gym or health club.

Americans of Central European heritage, Balkan heritage, and Germanic heritage have the longer-standing historical priority of claims for reparations. Once we have provided justice to those Americans, we can consider reparations for the more recent claims by African-Americans. After the African-Americans, we can address Native American claims for reparations, however that particular issue is extremely complex due to their history of invading the lands of other tribes and enslaving those tribes before Europeans ever arrived in the Western Hemisphere.


The Africans seem to think that they are the only people who have ever been slaves. It was white people, the English and Americans, who abolished slavery. Slavery does still exist in Africa, China, and Arab countries, in other words, in non-white countries, yet for some reason, slavery is the fault of white people.

Yannow, I’m English on my father’s side and German on my mother’s side. I really think that way back when some Roman Centurion raped a German maiden and she is my great, great, great, etc. grandmother. The reason I think that is I must have some Italian blood in me since I love Rome, Italy, and Italian food. I think it’s on my mother’s side since she felt the same way.