Done With Sports

Sports are starting up and I don’t give a flying fuck. Black Lies Matter has pretty much ruined sports for me.

In football all I want to see the African athletes say is, “Qui nos morituri te salutant vos” like the gladiators said in ancient Rome. After all, football is our version of the gladiatorial games except they don’t fight to the death. I guess we could update it to “Ut si quis se asinum calce abjecistis te salutant.” (We who about to kick each other’s ass salute you.)

Anyway, I won’t be watching the NFL because it will be BLM all the time. Fuck ’em!

Baseball is dead as well. The strike back in the 90’s when they had to cancel the World Series turned me off. Since then, I haven’t really cared for the game and now this season they’re giving me another reason to hate it. Didja see the manager of the San Fagcisco Giants, Gabe Kaplan, and other members of the team kneeling during the National Anthem? Fuck ’em!

I never watched Noosecar so the kerfuffle with the halfrican Bubba Wallace gave me yet another reason not to watch it. Fuck ’em!

I quit watching the NBA when the Hawks moved from St. Louis to Atlanta. Since then the game has gotten worse and is nothing but thugball. With BLM it’s gonna suck even more. Fuck ’em!

Soccer? Boring! And those assholes are kneeling as well. Fuck ’em!

Golf? Boring, altho’ I do watch the Masters. If they have it in the Fall it won’t be as good because Augusta National is beautiful in the Spring.

Hockey hasn’t been converged yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

What’s left? Who cares?

Fuck ’em all!