AOTW 7-24-2020

Too much assholiness this week, but the biggest asshole is St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Kim Gardner. You may remember the couple in St. Louis who stood on their property with guns to ward off protesters. Well, Kim Gardner, has prosecuted them for it. Yep! In her mind it is illegal to defend yourselves and your property. And to make matters worse, the hand gun that Patricia McCloskey used wasn’t even functional. That’s OK. The Crime lab took care of that.

St. Louis prosecutors tampered with Patricia McCloskey’s gun before charges were made against the St. Louis couple earlier this week.

The prosecution team under the direction of Soros-funded Kim Gardner disassembled the inoperable gun and then put it back together making it operable.

Patricia McCloskey was then charged with flourishing a gun, even though prosecutors knew it was inoperable!

Sell your mansion. Get the fuck out of that fucked up city.

Kim Gardner gets the prize.