Ronsday – Racism

As I wrote on Monday, I was gonna write a post on racism and made the mistake of reading this rant that Ron wrote. It’s much better than anything that I could write. Here it is.

Structural racism . . . systemic racism . . . institutional racism – whatthefuckever. Calling someone a racist is the 3rd millennium equivalent of calling someone a witch 500 years ago.

It occurs only in the minds of ignorant slugs and thugs who simply want to focus suspicion on people or things they don’t like. And the problem is that just as in the old “did you ever stop kicking your dog?” canard, once it’s out there, it’s a permanent stain and rarely examined for proof or validity.

But it’s a problem for the crusaders, too, ‘cause it’s a huge Catch 22. See, being punctual, using standard grammar, working a legitimate job for a living, being a true parent and not just a sperm donor or babymaker for welfare checks, having decent manners in public – all that is bad-mouthed today as “A White Thing.”

Blacks and Latinos who speak in ordinary English without slanguage and profanity are condemned for “acting white.” They are pressured to drop out of school, trash talk, hang out in choom gangs, and then when finding themselves either in jail or with noplace to sleep blame it all on “systemic racism.”

Yeah, right! So, why is the murder rate amongst black and latino males exponentially higher than amongst whites or Asians? Why do whites and Asians consistently score significantly higher on SATs and ACTs than blacks and latinos?

Who causes nearly 75% of black children to be born to single mothers? And how on earth is the fact that Covid-19 affects blacks at higher rates than whites a form of “systemic racism” ????

Blaming homelessness, murder, drug addiction, unemployment, and influenza on white people is ITSELF structural racism. It’s extortion meant to get something for nothing, a “you owe us” bullying tactic, a deflection mechanism designed to tell taxpaying white citizens to just “shut up” in their misplaced mea culpas and hand over the goodies.

What they don’t see in all this is that sooner or later people with two or more firing synapses will realize that the looting, the rioting, the killing, the burning, the demonstrating, the demanding only further dehumanize and victimize people of color by proving that they are not capable of living in organized society with rules and laws.

Black privilege (as opposed to white privilege) defined is – the freedom to break every law you can find, kill each other, and still be the victim who is fed and housed by society while contributing nothing TO society and remains free from jail with no bond, only surplus melanin.

It’s as if the American dream of working hard and becoming a success has morphed into a strange form of alchemy by “woke” radicals, black entitlement junkies, and anarchists with the central focus on converting gold into lead.

There’s an old joke that sums it up well: A black kid asks his mother, “What’s this ‘socialism’ . . . and what’s racism?”

The mother says, “Well, soshalism be when wypepo work ever’ day so’s we kin has our food stamps, rent subsdy, EBT, WIC, free lunch, free health care, free cell fones, lo-cost yootil’tees, wellfair . . . .”

“But, Mama – don’t the wypepo get pissed off ‘bout dat?”

“Oh, they sho does, chile . . . and thass whatcha calls ‘racism.’”

When black “leaders” or protestors or demonstrators bring up the need for a “conversation” on race, here are the ground rules:

1. white people must completely accept the ideas of the protestors before a word is spoken

2. any idea offered by white people is wrong and represents white privilege and is therefore racist

3. a white person contributing nothing to the discussion thereby proves his racism, and his silence implies violent intent

4. white people are allowed only full agreement with the black point of view and must express it in the same terms used by the victim group

5. the true purpose of the “conversation” is the transfer of huge amounts of taxpayer money to the victim group

6. the introduction of facts or statistics contradicting the premises laid out by the victim group is considered racist

As to the whole idea of reparations for slavery, I see it this way: anyone in the US who ever was a slave is owed wages for his labor, and the person who owned him is the one who should pay them. No one else should ever be involved in the discussion.

The NFL in its profound, mature wisdom, has announced that it will play the black national anthem, “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” before games now. And the US Congress, instead of the “Star Spangled Banner,” will play “Send In The Clowns” before every session.

And if statues, pancake syrup, instant rice, and canned beans with the Goya label are so racist, why was nothing done about them during the 8 years of the first black president’s administration? Maybe because radix melanorum Soetoro est.