Racism In Hollywood

Hollywood is facing a problem.

As the wooden boards are taken down from shopfronts and studio lots grind slowly back to life, Hollywood is basking in an unseasonable heatwave.

The famous boulevards shimmer in 40C haze and warm Santa Ana winds fan the Beverly Hills mansions.

Shaken by #MeToo, paralysed by Covid-19, the $50 billion film industry is finally emerging from a four-month lockdown – only to find a new and very different world, where tension is rising as surely as the thermometer.

And what, pray tell, is causing that?

For if the very public Black Lives Matter protests have polarised America, the silent fallout has now reached Hollywood.

Be still my beating heart.

A revolution is under way. White actors are being fired. Edicts from studio bosses make it clear that only minorities – racial and sexual – can be given jobs.

A new wave of what has been termed by some as anti-white prejudice is causing writers, directors and producers to fear they will never work again. One described the current atmosphere as ‘more toxic than Chernobyl’, with leading actors afraid to speak out amid concern they will be labelled racist.

Bow down to your African masters Hollywood liberals.

The first sign came with one of the most powerful black directors in Hollywood, Oscar-winning Jordan Peele – the man behind box office hits such as Get Out and Us – stated in public that he did not want to hire a leading man who was white.

‘I don’t see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie,’ Peele said. ‘Not that I don’t like white dudes. But I’ve seen that movie before.’

As one studio executive responded privately: ‘If a white director said that about hiring a black actor, their career would be over in a heartbeat.’ Few doubt it.

The race card is a very powerful card.

Peele is more vocal than most about his hiring policy, but his outlook is increasingly widespread. Dozens of producers, writers and actors have spoken to The Mail on Sunday about the wave of ‘reverse racism’ pulsing through the industry.

It’s not “reverse racism” it’s racism pure and simple. Africans can be racists and they are. Black Lies Matter is a racist organization.

speaking on condition of anonymity, the executive confirmed that the climate is now toxic for any ‘white, middle-aged man in showbusiness’. Their careers, ‘are pretty much over’.

They continued: ‘We’re only hiring people of colour, women or LGBT to write, star, produce, operate the cameras, work in craft services. If you are white, you can’t speak out because you will instantly be branded ‘racist’ or condemned for ‘white privilege’.

This is fucking great! I love to see the left eating its own and that is exactly what is going on in Hollywood. Guess what “middle aged white men”, you let this happen and now you are paying the price. Let’s see Hollywood produce movies only starring Africans. Won’t bother me a bit since I don’t go to movies anymore. I will love seeing all of those white liberal actors not getting cast in any movies anymore.

‘The pendulum has swung so far, everyone is paralysed with fear by the idea anything you say could be misinterpreted and your career ended instantly. There are a lot of hushed conversations going on, but publicly everyone is desperate to be seen to be promoting diversity and too terrified to speak out. It’s imploding: a total meltdown.’


19 comments on “Racism In Hollywood

  1. Like you Denny, I do not go to see any new movies. That ship sailed sometime in the 90’s for me. I am done. I will collect old movies on DVD or Blu-Ray DVD. But that is all I am going to do at this point. I will not be seeing any new movies at all. No reason to.

  2. When was the last time you saw an ad that didn’t feature an african? Like GOC says, they just eat themselves alive.

    • An ad depicting a person who got themselves into a jam through bad behavior and needs help won’t show an African. Remember all of the AIDS ads in the 1980’s that depicted only whites as the “at risk” people?

  3. Who cares. Let them move back to Secaucus, New Jersey. One of the main reasons they ended up in California was to be as far as possible away from Edison, and he’s dead.

  4. Maybe they should press the Dimocrats to drop Slow Joe as the lead for the election and declare a POC to be the nominee.

    • I’m sure getting a candidate that nobody ever voted for in the primaries wouldn’t piss off millions of Democrats.

  5. The dems pride themselves on being diverse and inclusive yet they nominated Biden who is older and whiter than Trump. Why aren’t they forced to explain that?

  6. I am 79 years old ,recently retired & absolutely convinced Washington DC has gone stark raving mad .About 95 % of all Democrats & some 50 % of Republicans are prime targets for a rubber room & personalized Straight jacket.
    Until 3 years ago one could wade thru the political bullshit & rationalize perhaps 65 % of what is going on in the Capital of the United States but today ? Not a god damn chance.
    When Nikita Krushchev said we would bury ourselves ………No one realized how true that statement was.
    I believe it is time to issue a Full automatic AK to every Senator, Congress Critter & Supreme Court justice then schedule mass circular Firing squads for our useless Federal Dementia ridden imbeciles.Three years ago the concept of a revolution was a Far right day dream …today the likelihood is more then 50 % & growing.As for me I hope not but if need be to defend home & family I am quite ready.

  7. In June the film academy came out with new guidelines for hiring only black people – every film and crew must have a certain % of black people. Many black stars signed on and pushed this change. I guess 100% is a percentage- right?

    • Yeah, when something is all black it’s described as “diverse.” When it’s mostly white, it’s called “racist.”

    • I’m waiting for the movie remakes with blacks only. It will require a lot of plot artistic license. For example:
      1. A WWII movie will have to have the Tuskegee Airmen winning the war all by themselves.
      2. The atomic bomb will have been developed by the top-secret “Harlem” project.
      3. Blacks will have been unjustly relocated away from the West Coast to internment camps, not the Japanese.

  8. Have you noticed that most TV ads are involved diminishing white people. There is almost always a white person living with or being with a POC or Asian. No longer are there full white couples represented.

    After covid movie theaters are dead. Why not speed it along and eliminate white people. Everything is going streaming anyway.

  9. Let the studios hire POC’s for both sides of the camera.
    Let’s see how that works out for their box office receipts.

    Get woke, go broke.

  10. This isn’t just TV and movies, folks. The net is closing on anything white-created, or so one would believe by reading TheDailyWire.com, a media-gazer site….


    “One of the leading art curators in the nation resigned from his job after allegedly stating at a recent staff meeting, “Don’t worry, we will definitely still continue to collect white artists.”

    “Gary Garrels, senior curator of painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), was targeted by a petition that stated, “Gary’s removal from SFMOMA is non-negotiable. Considering his lengthy tenure at this institution, we ask just how long have his toxic white supremacist beliefs regarding race and equity directed his position curating the content of the museum?”


    That part about “toxic white supremacist beliefs regarding race and equity” has me puzzled. Equity means exclusion?

  11. Just over 50 years ago, H. Rap Brown was agitating for civil rights advancement through forced violence against whites. Dr. King and Ralph Abernathy said no, it must be peaceful, they knowing that whites would have turned against them and the battle would be lost. Now, we are finally seeing the H. Rap Brown forced violence approach against whites 50 years later. (H. Rap Brown with some new turban-head name is still H. Rap Brown.) Perhaps they have forgotten that nationwide whites outnumber blacks by at least 4 to 1. If they want to segregate me away from them, I will return the favor and social distance from them.

  12. How is it that none of the same Hollywood leftist elites who are so well versed in liberal bullshit have yet figured out how to save their own asses?
    “Hi, I’m (insert white male celebrity) and I now self-identify as a black lesbian”.
    Problem solved. Put em back on the payroll, or else you’re sexist and homophobic.

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