Ronsday – Black Lies Matter

Ron rants.

Based on what I’m seeing in the news today, “black lives matter” is nothing more than entitlement-junkie propaganda remarkably similar to that preposterous dreccchh Josef Goobbles spread from 1935 to 1945 in Germania.

The only exercise lotsa people (other than rioters and looters) are gettin these days is shakin their heads at the news. Look — white people are not “hunting” or murdering or suppressing black people – they don’t have to; blacks are doing a fine job of it all themselves.

How can black lives matter to black people when 93% of blacks are killed by other blacks and twice as many whites are killed by police as blacks? In 2018, the number of black homicide victims in the US was 7407. In that year, 9 unarmed black men were killed in police shootings, representing one TENTH of one percent of black homicides. (Reliable statistics for last year aren’t yet available.)

Blacks commit 53% of murders and 60% of robberies in the lower 48 while their percentage of the total population is under 14%. It’s not the cops who are murderers; it’s the blacks themselves.

Why are ignorant savages being allowed to block traffic, burn police cars, loot stores, and kill each other with near impunity while the 60% of the population which ISN’T out killing and looting and burning has to pay for the damages?

Here’s what we’ve come to as a result of the propaganda:

If a white person says “all lives matter,” he’s a racist

If we stand for national anthem or the flag, we’re racist

People can’t go to church, but protestors can burn them down

Shopowners can’t re-open for business, but BLM can burn the shops

Anyone who is white with a badge and a gun and a uniform is a racist

People who throw bricks through windows and start fires are “protestors”

Kids can’t go to public playgrounds, but protestors can destroy parks

“Protestors” can topple monuments of historical figures, even anti-slavery ones

White people having an opinion on racism is racist, but not having one is elitist

Rioting in crowds with BLM is O.K., but Trump rallies are dangerous to the public health

Images of Jesus must be removed because they perpetuate white dominance while statues of Satan are being erected near government buildings in many cities

Those 93% of black murder victims being killed by blacks is white people’s fault

BLM – Burn, Loot, Maraud, has accomplished precisely and absolutely nothing toward resolving any problems with race anywhere on the planet. Makes about as much sense as adding Greta Thunberg to committees and panels and groups dealing with issues about which she knows exactly NADA!

BLM leader, “If US doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system.”

What this country needs is a salt-water power wash, a revival of 18th century punishments, and a restore to manufacturers’ default settings. It needs to get rid of its addiction to pastry icings such as White Guilt Sprinkles, Black Power Frosting, Chaos Ganache, and Reparations Glaze.

Apparently no one understand that the phrase “We the People” includes everyone, but “Black Lives Matter” is specifically and deliberately exclusive. BLM’s motto is “Something Somewhere is Unequal Because of Whitey . . . I just know it is, so let’s burn a cop car!”

Even the UN has now come out in support of Antifa, an organization whose tactics for dismantling the United States include looting, arson, burglary, vandalism, statuary rape and lynching, and hate assault on innocent, aged white people.

Demonstrations, riots, marches, and speeches do not make people understand that racism exists. Everybody knows it does. Fact is, BLM is more racist than the KKK. Demonstrations and riots simply allow race-baiters and looters to profit from it.

If the Soros-funded anarchists had paid any attention in school, they’d realize that the guys whose statues they’re tearing down had to accomplish something significant in their lives or they wouldn’t have statues commemorating them.

The “new normal” does little more than piss me off. Riots, looting, destruction of public and private property, assaults, demanding reparations from people whose families came here LONG after slavery was ended . . . that crap ain’t making me wanna help ‘em out, I can tell you.

Only real change to my life style lately hasn’t come from anything racial, only biological – friggin face masks. Hate ‘em. And I can’t bear to watch news any more . . . it’s either some black face blaming white people for everything from the Fall of Rome to the Chicago Fire and the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami or some “expert” disputing another “expert” on what to do about the WuHuFlu.

Turn off TV news for 90 days and you’ll see 90% of the mayhem and destruction dry up like Joe Biden’s ability to complete two sentences which make sense. Get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, and Soros, and we wouldn’t NEED any “new normals”; we could get things back to how they were 6 months ago when everybody had jobs, only criminals wore masks, and our biggest problems were Kim, Putin, and Islam.

Seems to me that if the US is such a terrible place, there wouldn’t be so damned many people in other countries trying to get here. And for the 10% of blacks who don’t like it here, I’m absolutely certain they could find someone to fund their relocation to their tribal homeland somewhere along the Congo or Zambezi.

Actually, I think it’s damned amusing that Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Mrs. Butterworth got fired because they’re black.

14 comments on “Ronsday – Black Lies Matter

  1. At some point there will be a backlash. If they’re lucky it will just be at the ballot box. It’s amazing that people blame Republicans when the demoncrats have been in charge of these places for decades.

  2. Nice essay Ron!
    It’s been like pulling apart JB Weld, but finally some of my liberal friends and relatives are starting to see the light.

  3. When I receive the new $20 bill, I’m going to buy a box of Andrew Jackson Pancake Mix. (They swapped, right?)

  4. Remember when the magic negroe said the shitty economy was the new normal? F him.
    If Antifa or any other asshat leftist group approaches my house……….
    I’ve pretty much lost it with leftist idiots.

  5. One of the BLM lies is that they believe that Diversity still exists after whites have been removed. But the equation becomes:
    Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) – Whites = Darkity (All Hell Breaks Loose!)

  6. Black Lives Matter is not useful or beneficial to civilized society as is Gray Matter.
    Gray Matter is the seat of intelligence.
    Black Lives Matter is the seat of stupidity.

  7. “blaming white people for everything from the Fall of Rome to the Chicago Fire and the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami”

    Another great dissertation, sir.
    And for those who don’t remember how some on the Left saw the US reaction to the Tsunami’s destruction, try readin’ this to refresh your memories.
    There is none so blind as he who will not see. Pay special attention to the part about the young German who had never heard of the Berlin Airlift. The changes in the teachin’ of history have been goin’ on for a long time.

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