Schadenboner Time

And man I’m sporting a big one. I’m sure she’ll make Don Surber’s Trumpenfreude List.

So what happened? She got called out for saying she wanted to stab white people. Hate speech! Here she is. Who would want to hire this bitch?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA bitch! You see, it works both ways. No more tears.

10 comments on “Schadenboner Time

  1. Can’t take a lick of personal responsibility.
    “Can’t a girl make threats w/o consequences anymore?”
    If any of us did that we’d be in cuffs.

  2. She got fired from her job for her post, and then she blamed President Trump.
    But hey, today we got a great jobs report:
    1. Many people got hired.
    2. This woman got fired.

  3. Another shitlib that can’t accept responsibility for their actions by blaming Trump supporters. Hilarious watching her meltdown.

  4. Some people seem to think that they are untouchable. News flash kid reality just delivered a bitch slap now own up to it

  5. “Inside each snowflake is a unique meltdown waiting to happen.” (from; Check out their demotivational posters. They are hilarious.)

  6. Hope she gets a participation trophy! Seems strange how any of the flavors of social media just make the brains turn off is so many people.

  7. This is awesome. People want to threaten violence, and then they cry when they get handled in a non-violent way. Lets now hope that a law enforcement agency charges her with communicating a threat.

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