Ronsday – BLM and John Lewis

Ron rants.

Blocking streets . . . attacking police . . . toppling statues . . . breaking windows . . . I donno ‘bout the rest of ordinary Murkans, but I’m growing weary of protests, demonstrations, demands, demolition –

Most of what’s happening has nothing whatever to do with improving things for blacks, but a result of a perfect storm of lust for power, hate for Trump, and cabin fever from the media cheerleading the Chinese gleep.

Damn, if CNN and MSNBC had been there to report the Visigoth invasion and sacking of Rome in the early 5th century, they’d have said, “A basically peaceful demonstration occurred at the gates to the city.”

People are tired of quarantine, of self-isolation, of masks, of conflicting reports and advice from experts about a virus with a mortality rate of less than one percent for people with no chronic issues affecting their respiratory or cardio health.

Marchers and protestors and demonstrators don’t really want “justice” for blacks – they want excitement, danger, spotlights, television coverage, political power, freebies, and Orangeman out of office.

They’ve been taught by lefties that America never was a great country, that all white people are racists, that Democrats have always supported blacks and were the driving force behind the Civil Rights Movement, that the UN is a genuinely useful and important factor in keeping global peace . . . .

Their knowledge of history is warped, biased, anti-American and mostly just plain wrong. They don’t know exactly what it is they want, but they KNOW that when we can get a completely socialist government, everybody will be happier and healthier.

I, for one, am pretty much sick of it all . . . and I suspect that millions of people look at what’s happening pretty much the same way I do – less than 14% of the nation’s population is being touted as more important than the other 86%.

Blacks aren’t even the largest minority in the US – latinos are. And crime statistics indicate that the most loyal, honest, hard-working citizens are east Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Koreans).

Part of the problem is that in many places people are afraid to declare their support for conservative political candidates or ideas because some left-wing nut job will vandalize their house or their car or cause trouble for them at work.

And John Lewis – what a farce! He’s getting more attention by dying than all those spoiled middle-class white libtards are getting by being public pains in the ass in major urban areas controlled by Dems. And what did he do? Nothin that I can find.

Basically he went to a voter’s rights demonstration in Selma in 1965 and disobeyed an order from a state police major telling the crowd of over 500 that they were engaged in illegal assembly and to turn around and go home.

The leader of the group, Hosea Williams, began arguing with the major, who then told the troopers to advance and clear the bridge. In the scuffle, Lewis got knocked on his ass and hit with a nightstick, very likely because he was runnin his mouth. And from that the press called the incident “Bloody Sunday” and overhyped it.

Lewis milked that event forever, establishing himself as some kind of folk hero exactly as Hitler did after he ran away from his failed coup when police fired on the troublemakers he was leading, but what really got to me was his refusal to accept the results of the 2016 election making DJT PotUS.

He also went to a tea party gathering to stir up trouble with Whitey so he could get some press coverage and claimed that he was called a “nigger” at least “13 times.” It was a lie deliberately issued to cause trouble and bring attention to himself.

John Lewis was as big a racist troublemaker as SoundByte Sharpton, and he has about as many credits for lying in state and having all kinds of foofarah on TV about him as David Duke or James Earl Ray. Hateful, bitter, racist old asshole who was never worth much to begin with and lost touch with reality decades ago.

I can only hope that this November 3rd people will remember how the left has gone all arsonist, obstructionist, and anarchist with black “leaders” playing the race card on every occasion and use their votes to express their disappointment, disillusion, and disgust with BLM, kneeling, and overhyped myths about police “murdering” black men when almost all blacks who get murdered were victims of other blacks.

It’s almost as if the entire black community got together and worked up a strategy for pissing people off and making guys like me full-fledged racists. They’re certainly not doing themselves any favors by acting like a bunch of chimpanzees wrecking the place and throwing feces at the people bringing them food.

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  1. BLM was founded in part by Marxist Patrisse Cullors Cullored. When I looked at the baseball mound seeing the letters BLM, I thought “The idiot has the letters backwards. They should be MLB.”

  2. As I have said before, BLM is no more than an extortion racket. It’s to line the Rats pockets during elections to use the money as it wants. You must give them credit, they know how to sucker people in based on emotional issues.

  3. ‘claimed that he was called a “nigger” at least “13 times.”’
    Yeah, he never could prove it. How come the majority of media outlets didn’t follow up on this?
    Nah, don’t bother answerin’ that, as we all know the why.

  4. John Lewis may have suffered indignities he should not have on that bridge but instead of being a noble leader for all men and women of any color, he chose to be a figure head for a political movement that has been co-opted by the deep state and behind the scenes conspirators who seek to destroy our nation.

    MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, well, you’re all done in my book.

    I used to watch sports, in particular, baseball, to find refuge from the daily barrage of political crap. Now, these leagues have decided to go full woke…..

    Not me. I’m DONE.

    Keep in mind, sports is one arena where pretty much all of our national pastimes with the exception of hockey, are almost exclusively minority hiring grounds. In fact, if you are white, you probably will never play basketball or football professionally. The complexion of these sports has changed, along with Baseball, to feature primarily minority players. This cannot be denied.

    That Kapernick did not get signed was because he stinks….not because he knelt. No matter, let’s use that to start a race war.

  5. Erie Pennsylvania ,today a small city with big city problems……A Democratic Mayor since 1962″Yep”,Democratically controlled city council since 1962 “Yep”, 35 % decline in population “Yep”,80% manufacturing base gone elsewhere “Yep” ,A Democrat known as Pennsylvania Pelosi as County Executive “Yep”, A 15 % minority base responsible for 75 % of criminal activity complete with drive by random shootings & of course a number of murders. Edukashun forget about it , controlled by Democrat liberals.
    Erie was once a thriving mid sized industrial city with a growing population but as we know all too well Democrats can screw up a one car funeral …………The good news is Help is on the way , Don`t know whether to laugh or cry ,Democratic Minority Liberals are organizing a task force to fight Racism. All they need is Gummint Money to get Started. I understand another group of mostly white democratic liberals known as the Jefferson Blowhard Society support this BS waste of taxpayer money.
    I sure am glad I retired & auctioned off my business before the Democrats tried to implement a business assessment to fund this ……….This is a scheme brought up some years back but their study group found most listed companies had already skipped town………. I just never cease to be amazed for Democratic stupidity.

    • My wife’s late uncle was a longtime GE engineer in Erie, specializing in the design of electric locomotives. At least he is not alive to see this ruin. It would break his heart.

      • Herb…..Chances are I probably knew your Wife`s uncle as I worked in the Locomotive & Car Equipment Engineering group in the 1960`s.
        Sorry to inform you after more then 100 years what was left of the GE Erie Plant was sold to Wabtec…Westinghouse Air brake. The sale included the entire GE Locomotive division & are now built in Texas

  6. John Lewis claimed he was called nigger thirteen times by members of the Tea Party. Andrew Breitbart offer a $100,000 reward for anyone capturing this on their cellphones. No one stepped forward to collect this reward, despite the fact many people had their cellphones out recording this event. John Lewis was a race baiting, divisive liar. Burn in Hell Lewis….

  7. freaking biden can’t decide on aVP
    until he gets polling responses
    any wonder Benghazi happened without
    decisive intervention

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