14 comments on “Saturday Boobage 8-15-2020

    • Sorry to disappoint. This is why I rarely submit any boobage, anymore. The “rebel” females today have no ink, nor metal anywhere other than earrings. The common “normal” pigs have ink and metal everywhere.

      It repulses me. I make no excuses for stating as such.

      • Well, AD, some of us have standards. Your and mine seem to pretty much match but we both have to settle for the boobage pix that are available now. Denny does a pretty good job findin’ the best of a bad crop.

  1. Damn. According to Boobpedia, Spaniard Playboy Plus model, Sophie Alexandria, has fake boobs, and has since decided it *smart* to emblazon her gut with ink just above her hardwood floor baby maker. A portion of the ink is visible when image is enlarged.

    More here: https://anyporn.com/56737/

    Metal as well as tatts. Atrocious.

  2. I’m not going to nit pick. I think she’s beautiful, and I totally enjoy the picture of a beautiful naked woman. Thanks, Denny, and whoever else may have contributed.

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