Ronsday – Joe, The Ho, BLM, and Antifa

Ron rants. The last paragraph is sumpin’ I wish I had written.

Idle thoughts and observations about the guy who seems absolutely delighted to take the death kneel for Dems this November and the chimps and mau-maus who think that burning supermarkets, drug stores, and cop cars will make things all better:

Based on what I’ve seen in the past 3 ½ years, Trump = JOBS while liberals = MOBS. So, vote for Gropey Joe because . . . because . . . well, because he’s not Trump. I’d like to hear Democrats say why they’re voting for Joe & Ho without mentioning Trump.

Take a close look at what Democrats are pushing, and you’ll see anti-christian, anti-life, anti-gun, anti-speech, anti-capitalism, anti-military, anti-border . . . basically anti-America.

Now, I don’t pay attention to ANY politicians – and DJT has certainly become one over the past 3 years – but it just seems to me that Trump is on OUR side whereas the Dems are in it only for the power and the money, not the country or the people.

Biden seems to be up to his old trick of plagiarizing – this time it’s Hillary’s campaign playbook. But at least he takes the Chinese gleep seriously – his only two working synapses have been socially distancing for years now.

The DNC appointed Comma-La (or Kamel-toe, if you prefer) as Twilight Joe’s handler, at least for the next few months. She’s not gonna be as good a policy of impeachment insurance or poison-control agent as he was. The question ultimately will be whom she names as HER veep next spring.

Let’s call her what she truly is: President-in-waiting. In 2016 she was touted as the first Indian-American US senator. Today she’s the first black woman to run for vice president. Say WHAT? Wonder what’s her position on kneeling.

There’s hypocrisy in her lips, seduction in her hips, greed in her soul, and power in her mind. Everything she says should be taken with a liberal dose of salt and a gallon of Jack Black.

And ain’t it cute how Lib feminists are now demanding that media do NOT treat Heels-Up Harris the same way they treated Palin? It’s kinda like their stance on science: changing from day to day and facts are invented or edited to suit the argument.

Biden is stuck on the merry-go-round of “the older I get, the better I used to be,” still plagiarizing and embellishing and imagining things he never did but picked up from other people’s activities and adapted to his own do-nothing resume.

Odd, too, that he was considering as his running mate a white senator who claimed to be an Indian but then chose an Indian senator who claims to be black. I can’t decide if that’s some kind of clever chiasmus or just a brain fart.

And the Dems’ convention was a goat-rope based on see no riot, hear no riot, speak no riot and find a substitute for “Russia! Russia! Russia!” since impeachment didn’t work for the past 3 ½ years. Sheeeesh! It was nothin but a “Orangeman Bad!” and “America is Racisssssss!!” festival.

Gotta say, if I weren’t already intending to vote against Dems in the genelec, the Antifa Thugs and BLM slugs would be compelling me to do so . . . along with the Democrat mayors and governors who are encouraging the destruction of their cities by refusing to stop the burning and looting and intimidating, much less confine and prosecute the criminals doing it.

People who have been living on welfare and charity eventually come to believe that it’s all some kind of entitlement, no longer a gift from caring people who want to share, but a right guaranteed by liberal governments. Because . . . well . . . of course, and you’re a racist.

BLM and Antifa blame white people privilege for every-goddam-thing. What’s really scary is to consider the popular “It’s all white people’s fault” and replace “white people” with “Jews.” Sounds frighteningly Hitlerian Fascist to me. ‘Course I will say that replacing it with Democrats DOES work pretty well.

IMO, and I bet a lotta people agree with me, the BLM movement is so counterproductive it could fuck up a two-car parade. And it’s getting plenty of false empathy from rich and powerful elites, safe behind their walled compounds with armed security guards while chimpanzees roam the streets looking for excitement after months of lockdown. It’s cabin fever in spades.

ABC once had a mini-series about black lives. It was based on a prize-winning book about the plight of Africans torn from their lives and pressed into slavery, called Roots. Now they’re planning a sequel to it, which will be called Loots.