Place Your Bets

What are we betting on? Will there be debates. Will the Dimocrats allow Basement Biden to debate Trump? I mean, the bar is being set so low all Hidin’ Biden has to do is show up and he’s automatically tied.

Question: What do Jefferey Epstein and Joe Biden have in common?

Answer: Neither of them can complete a sentence.

Yeah. I stole that from a newsletter from a dude in Staten Island one of my readers sends me.

Gropey Joe has to use a TelePrompTer to answer softball questions from the press. And he even has trouble reading the answers.

The other day he thought the abbreviation MI referred to the military instead of Michigan and said there were 6000 Kung Flu deaths in the military.

He’s in an advanced stage of dementia and it is getting more obvious.

How is he gonna debate Trump? Are they gonna put an invisible earpiece in so they can give him the answers to the debate questions?

Are they gonna sneak a computer screen on his podium so his aides can give him the answers to the questions?

For sure, he will be fed the questions in advance by the members of the Fake News Media but can he memorize the answers?

Will he be pumped full of drugs to help him?

Will the Dims cancel the debates? Speaker Blinky has already hinted at that although she backtracked.

The first debate is in two weeks. Will it happen?

Place your bets.