AOTW 9-18-2020

Lots of worthy candidates, like the mayor of Nashville, but I’m giving it to Christopher Wray the head of the FBI.

“Within the domestic terrorism bucket, category as a whole, racially motivated violent extremism is I think the biggest bucket within that large group. And within the racially motivated extremism bucket people prescribing to some kind of white supremacist ideology is certainly the biggest chunk of that,” Wray told radical Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI).

“I don’t have the numbers for you,” Wray said admitting he has no evidence whatsoever to back up his insane claims.

Has this asshole been paying attention to all of the bullshit that has been going on with Black Lies Matter over the last three months? JHFC! Screw defund the police. Howza ’bout defunding the FBI?