AOTW 9-11-2020

I could give it to the NFL as I watch it self destruct. Ratings are way down from the opener last year.

Instead, I’m giving it to Thunder Rodent Thighs. She’s still going on about Russia. Give it a break Crooked Cankles!

Didja see BJ in that video? I really expected to see his eyes blinking Morse code for “Help me!”. Yannow, I would feel sorry for him if he weren’t such a dooshbag and a serial abuser of women and girls.

You wonder why these two stay married, then you realize that they both have dirt on each other. As long as they stay married, they can’t testify against each other.

Here’s your award Cankles.


13 comments on “AOTW 9-11-2020

  1. During the DNC, Crooked Cankles had a demented deer-in-the-headlights look. Her hair was a simple as a grade school child would draw. How pathetic.

  2. Der Frau is a spent force. When she’s hogging the spotlight it means some other leftist isn’t. This is a good thing.

    So rave on you crazy moonbat. She’s forever the face of the dimocrat party.

  3. Wow, Denny…that one came out of nowhere…and I didn’t see it coming! I would have thought you would have given it to maybe Bob “…this is worse than Watergate…” Woodward, or maybe the collective LSM for giving the Nobel Peace Prize nomination to DJT (for actually doing something pretty noteworthy!), a good “leaving alone”, or maybe even “the Muller team” for “accidentally” wiping all of their phones (and being so stupid as to think we’d actually believe that it was accidental)…that’s OK…we’ll just get the back-ups from the NSA…
    BTW…did that Epstein madam bitch kill herself yet?

  4. Re the Clintons……Instead of a prenup that covers assets if they divorce, they have a pack of MAD or mutually assured destruction. If they divorce information will be released that will destroy both of them….

    Sort of like holding the handle on a grenade after the pin is pulled.

    • I can imagine that voice, that screech from the bowels of Hell, blasting into Bubba’s ear: “If I die, I’ve set it up that you did it!”

      “Finally! Credit where it’s due!”

  5. Crooked Hillary still claims she won the election! Really? When rump held a rally here in Erie there were over 30,000 people there both inside & outside the arena.
    When Hillary came here she held a rally for her loyal fans in a room at a local college Some 60 /70 people showed up…….. The Erie Slime News covered her event more then Trump s giant turnout.
    A Hillary Win????? BWAHAHAHAHA

  6. When I dream in color they are on the outs with each and write a book exposing the skeletons in the other’s closet. Millions, Millions!

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