AOTW 9-4-2020

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about Speaker Blinky getting her hair done in a hair salon, yannow, the hair salons that have been closed in California. But remember, Blinky is spcial. The rules don’t apply to her. She is now using the Marion Berry defense, “The bitch set me up.” And in an amazing case of chutzpah is demanding that the salon owner apologize to her.

Yep! Blinky gets Asshole of the Week.


11 comments on “AOTW 9-4-2020

  1. I usedta b’lieve that Harry Reid was the worst thing that happened to the US gummint and that he should be slowly dismembered and fed to a herd of feral hogs.

    But ever since she tore up the printout of DJT’s speech at the SOTU, I’ve come to realize that she truly is, as Dennis Miller so aptly put it, “batshit crazy” and should be skinned, dipped in a vat of Mad Dog 357, minced, ground into mystery meat, and fed to the DNC.

    That doesn’t mean Harry’s no longer a venal POS . . . just that he’s no longer #1 on the list of candidates for Chief Scumbag . . . and relegated to the dark, dank, shadowy, odiferous limb of unpleasant memories, kinda like Holder, and Lynch, and Kerry, and ValJar . . . . .

  2. Nancy P Lousy was dragged into the Salon by two Maga hatted Trump operatives ,given a swirly then blown dry? Bull Shit !
    Not so fast Madam California Freezer Eagle………It is a well know fact you use your sub zero freezer for other Cosmetic purposes ,hair subjected too repeated freezer exposure would be brittle & probably blown off your head by a heated air blow dryer leaving you mostly bald & in need of a wig.
    Lies,Lies,Lies & more Lies according to my sources the DC Swamp denizens Hillarisaurus & Terra Humadactyl.

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