Ronsday – Serious Rant

Ron rants.

O.K. So . . . we got rid of dodgeball and discouraged boys from playing cops’n’robbers or cowboys’n’injuns. Then kids had to wear helmets when riding bicycles. Next was “participation” trophies for just showin up. Now it’s “let criminals out of jail because of overcrowding and Chinese gleep.”

Jeez, folks, what the hell do you expect pampered, brainwashed people to do when they never learn that stupidity has consequences and in the real world you can get real hurt, or not get what you want. Stupid should hurt, and ignorance shouldn’t be rewarded.

The people who angrily and ignorantly accuse DJT of destroying the country are encouraging idiots to burn their own communities to ashes. Begs the question, do we really want the country run by the same party in charge of SanFran, New York, Portland, Chicago, L.A., Seattle, Baltimore?

The truth is that Democrats consider politics a form of warfare and anyone slightly right of left center is their enemy. And of course after saying gender and color are unimportant, they chose a veep candidate based on gender and color.

Dem talking heads have progressed from “these demonstrations and protests are the new civil rights movement” to “these demonstrations and protests are mostly peaceful” to “Riots? What riots? These are legitimate protests!” and finally to “Trump and his supporters are causing these riots.”

Probably won’t be long ‘til we see an Antifa mayor in a major leftist city, winning the vote on a mantra of “The Red Hats Are Coming ! The Red Hats Are Coming !!!” And “The bombing, burning, and looting will continue until white people surrender their privilege.”

Most people don’t know what the hell is going on, and they don’t know that they don’t know. Governments can’t stop plagues and epidemics . . . they can only multiply the problems they cause for business, education, employment, and sanity.

Most of the rioting and looting and burning going on is not related to social justice for some stoned black guy shot while resisting arrest but a perfect storm of cabin fever and the knowledge that they can get away with theft and vandalism without any serious consequences from the cops or the courts.

So far BLM has injured hundreds, maybe thousands, of police officers, killed dozens of people, and caused nearly $10 BILLION in damages by “protesting” and “Demonstrating” and STILL they’re endorsed by the mass media, professional sports, educators, and FAR too many members of Congress.

Looting and burning the grocery stores where you get your food or the pharmacies where you get your medical supplies and forcing them to close permanently is NOT justice for George Floyd . . . or anybody else. It’s flinging feces at society.

Dems have the loony old auntie in the attic . . . you know – the one who drinks and claims that the white man who brings home the bacon is the source of all the problems for the family – and the demented old uncle in the basement who doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing there and can’t finish a sentence that makes sense.

Young people, mox nix if they’re black or white or tan, don’t really like being forced to stay home, to wear masks, to do without sports or parties or new movies, and many have been led to believe that the real world is just a huge video game which has safe spaces for them, which it doesn’t.

This is all about control, global control, a New Order, a one-world government with a privileged elite making the rules and living in luxury while everyone else must stay in vertical insect hives in order to “protect and preserve the environment.”

The politicization of Covid 19 is progressives’ taking advantage of a health crisis no worse than the Swine flu or the Hong Kong flu or the Bird flu or any other dangerous virus. Yes, people are dying from the WuHuflu, but most of them were already weakened by co-morbidities such as asthma, emphysema, diabetes, and so on.

Hell, I’ve had hangovers and fistfights that hurt worse than what most normal people under 75 experience with covid-19. That friggin attention whore Fauci reminds me of a guy who can’t determine if he’s found a rope or lost his dog.

What they want to do is restructure Western society by reshaping human behavior into a “new normal” in which we become comfortable wearing masks, following orders, and not driving around in gasoline-powered vehicles but staying in our cells to avoid contaminating the elderly.

The last thing they want is for the US and western Europe to “fix” anything quickly and return life to the normal we were comfortable with a year ago. They want a reset, not a return, and the pandemic is the opportunity for resocialization and “green new deals” and reducing the planet’s population along with global air, sea, and soil pollution.

Masks, social distancing, increased dependence upon government for subsistence . . . preparing us for RFID chips to track movements, mandatory vaccinations which will make Bill Gates & company even wealthier, and a global governance with redistribution of wealth.

From the World Economic Forum –Davos, last June:

“The world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economics, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.” HFS!! BOHICA, y’all.

Trump is an obstacle to globalism, to wealth redistribution, to face masks, to multi-trillion-dollar green-new-deals where the environment is protected but at the cost of raison d’etre and joie de vivre.

Trump rescued us from the Paris Accord, and from the Iran “deal,” and gave the globalists at Davos the bird, so he must be destroyed and removed from office to give a malleable old doddering flip-flopper the power to remove the last bastion of personal freedom, of personal responsibility, of individual achievement, of capital investment, of competition, of initiative that stands in the way of one-world control, depopulation, fossil-fuel elimination, and absolute control over every aspect of the lives of naked apes.

16 comments on “Ronsday – Serious Rant

  1. This country is sooooooooo fucked up. Thank God I’m an old fart. If we elect Biden, it becomes communist. OTOH, we elect Trump (I hope), riots everywhere. At least I live in a crimson red flyover state, so perhaps we’ll be allowed to shoot to kill. Maybe it’ll be a repeat of ‘84 Reagan win, except MN goes for Trump, and DC stands alone. Hope you guys have ammo. I do.

  2. During the May Memorial week, I would never have guessed that the BLM/Antifa riots would erupt off of one death to this degree. It contains a flip side that a citizen perception of danger and the need to put all of this violence down themselves can erupt even more and faster once a critical mass is reached.

  3. Spot on, Ron.

    THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump:

    25 minutes👆🏻well spent if you want to see why we are living election year 2020, the way we are. BLM/Antifa shock-troop army are nothing more than the Soros/globohomo funded, political slush fund for the commie Democrat Party propped up by their propaganda news media arm. Y’all better get off your ass and vote for Trump – at the polls – if you want your vote to count, and care about leaving a nation to your family legacy.

    “The Democratic Party is like a mule. It has neither pride of ancestry nor hope of posterity.” – Ignatius Donnelly (1831 – 1901)

  4. I agree with essentially all you say – difference is, although I’m profoundly saddened by what’s happening to this great nation, I no longer seem to care enough to fight it any longer. In my early 70’s and as a result of too much smoking and too little exercise will likely shuffle off this mortal coil within the next decade. This world now belongs to ‘them’ – these weak, progressive, irrational, poorly educated, cell phone addicted fools who will learn too late that they must live by the decisions they’ve made and the politicians they’ve elected. The equivalent of the cultural revolution is coming their way and they’re too blind to realize it was the educated class that if not slaughtered was sent to camps for re-education. There is always that glimmer of hope that something will happen to change the direction we’re heading, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • I’m 66 and I cry both for our nation, and also for the military veterans who fought for this country and then live to see it come to this. Every time I see NFL protesters, I think of the late Pat Tillman, who had his boots on the ground in Afghanistan. The NFL protesters, in contrast, have their knees on the ground. Then, when the game starts, they start every play with their knuckles on the ground.

  5. Quite sad – and what makes it even more tragic to me is that it was the 1960s members of our generation that initiated the downward spiral, the anti-war crowd who infiltrated our colleges and universities, then trained several generations of high school and grade school teachers of the evil, racist nature of the country. As a result, this generation despises the country despite all the benefits it has provided them – and by extension those of us who honor and love it.

  6. with respect to the chinese plague;
    we do not know what we don’t know;
    maybe ot was delibrate,
    quite a few rad students,as vectors
    history may show trump created an economy.
    that could weather a foreign biological attack.
    and like the london blitz
    urge strenghth and calm.
    certainly not the first asian virus we have sddressed.
    SARS. etc. we will prevail
    poor libs if only eveeryone would die
    civil war all over again

  7. Liberals: Ewwww, I won’t eat meat injected with hormones!
    Also Liberals: Little Johnny is transitioning to be Jeannine thanks to those hormone injections….

    You can’t make this shit up.

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