Ronsday – Blackrant

Ron on blacks in America.

As part of my certification process for becoming a teacher, I had to do courses in sociology and psychology. It was basically easy stuff, and interesting at times. This morning I woke up while some janitor in my archives section was cleaning up the area where examples of aberrant behavior and self-destructive activities are filed.

Kinda like bein back in Dr. Kirkpatrick’s psych class when he was listing indicators related to self image, self contempt, and self destruction, such as substance abuse, addiction to games, persistent negative thoughts, self-pity, impulsive behavior, avoiding responsibility, paranoia, victimhood . . . ..

As I got dressed and assembled my mornin meds, I turned on the TV to see what the weather will be like since my roof is now vulnerable to strong rain. First face I saw was black, a meteorologist on TWC. Changed to a local channel and got another black face. Went to FNC and got ANOTHER black face, Senator Tim Scott.

On his way out the door, the off-going night editor stapled Dr. Kirkpatrick’s list to the black community in Murka these days. And as I brewed some mud and got a soft-baked Belvita breakfast biscuit ready, the day shift came up with this:

Black people, especially those in the North American professional-victim subculture, are by far the worst thing that’s ever happened to black people.

Among the most insidious and destructive blacks are those who make a comfortable living ostensibly working diligently to protect and preserve the rights of blacks.

Topping the list of individuals would be Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Ron Karenga, Patrisse Cullors, and any black “rap artist.”

Of course the most hypocritical and treacherous organization working to manipulate and suppress blacks is inarguably the Democrat party.

And as a rallying cry, “systemic racism” has outlived its usefulness and descended into complete pejorative meaninglessness, a lot like the old “Your mother wears combat boots.”

Blacks comprise less than 14% of the US population, but they perform more than 50% of the violent crime, including murder, with their victims being almost exclusively other blacks.

In 2016, a study in New York City exposed the fact that more black babies were aborted than born that year. Black babies account for 36% of US abortions.

Barack Hussein Soetoro, elected PotUS only because of his black facial features since he had NO applicable credentials, was responsible than “Reverends” Sharpton and Jackson for more misunderstandings and tensions between blacks and other groups, and he had a white mother and was raised by white grandparents, suggesting he SHOULD be qualified to see both sides.

Another person who has gone to great effort to ruin the lives of black athletes and other entertainers is Colin Kaepernick, an overpaid, overhyped, overrated troublemaker, again of African ethnicity but raised by white parents.

After decades of demands and billions of wasted tax dollars in pursuit of the right to live anywhere they want, go anywhere they want, do whatever they want just like white people, blacks are now insisting they need “safe spaces” for people of color to get away from the threats and triggers of white people.

Black students in public schools who speak properly and do what teachers assign them are belittled and pressured by peers for being “Uncle Toms” or “acting white.” Yeah, it’s SO much more effective to be disruptive and talk like a thug.

When blacks call women “bitches” and “hoes” even though almost 90% of black children in the past 30 years have been brought up by single black mothers, the subculture is self destructive.

And when the “music” preferred by young black people calls for the murder of police officers and abuse of women while referring to blacks as “niggas,” the problem isn’t with Whitey but with the false mythologies structured around criminals such as Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor.

The mentality of destroying the nearest convenient pharmacy or the neighborhood supermarket for ANY reason and then complaining that there are no medical supplies or food stores available is simply not logical.

And carrying off large flat-screen TVs or boxes of Nikes does absolutely nothing to honor the memory of someone who died in police custody or promote the cause of racial harmony.

The law doesn’t differentiate between WHY a building is looted or vandalized by ignorant savages, only that it IS destroyed . . . by people encouraged by organizations which do NOT have their best interests in mind, only chaos and political power.

A culture which encourages its children to avoid “acting white” and instead spend each minute of their young lives dreaming of becoming the next LeBron James or Cam Newton or George Springer or Samuel L. Jackson is condemning those children to a lifelong dependency on welfare, food stamps, and a place in a street gang.

American blacks have convinced themselves of their perpetual victimhood, resigned themselves to the simplicity of “it’s all Whitey’s fault,” and become comfortable in their total dependency upon unearned “entitlements” and momentary pleasures.

It’s as if they took a communal vote and adopted a program of behavior designed to prove once and for all that despite their gift for running, jumping, throwing, hitting, and catching balls, they are indeed intellectually inferior to other ethnic groups.