White Supremacists

So now we have the head of the Department of Homeland Security joining the head of the FBI in saying that the biggest terrorist threat this country faces is from white supremacist organizations.

WTF? Is this dude blind? Does he not watch the news? Does he not have internet access? Has he not seen the BLM and Antifa riots that have been going on all summer?

Meanwhile, I don’t recollect any white supremacist riots going on and if there were you can be sure that the Fake News Media would be covering them.

The Fake News Media is trying to pin the kidnap plot of the Michigan governor on some white supremacist organization but it’s actually some left wing anarchist group.

All the Fake News Media has is Charlottesville and the violence there was actually instigated by Antifa against a neo-Nazi group. It was peaceful until Antifa showed up but let’s blame it on a white supremacist organization.

The Fake News Media keeps asking Trump to condemn white supremacist groups, which he has countless times, but it’s never enough. Meanwhile, they never ask Basement Biden to condemn the real terrorists, Antifa and BLM.

I’m hoping after the election Trump cleans house and gets rid of idiots who think that white supremacists are bigger threats than the people who are burning down our cities.