ACB Versus The Dims

We have Dimocrats grandstanding at the Amy Coney Barret hearing and most of them are demonstrating just how incredibly stupid they are. It’s amazing how she is able to keep a straight face. It’s as if she took lessons from the admiral having to listen to Hank Johnson talking about Guam tipping over.

Maizie Hirono has to be the dumbest person in the Senate. Kamala Harris is not much smarter. ACB could take them both on at the same time with only half her brain.

I loved it when she was asked to show the notes she was referring to in her testimony and she held up a blank notepad. “I don’t need notes to take on you booger eatin’ moh-rons!”

Of course, I think she should just smile sweetly and tell them she was gonna pull a Biden. Yannow, he won’t answer whether he is in favor pf packing the court until after the election. She should just tell them she won’t tell them how she feels about Roe versus Wade or Obummercare until after she’s confirmed.

Them’s the rules right?