16 comments on “Beating The HOA

  1. I love it. How to make a Bentley become an instrument of radical leftist Bent-out of shape-ley.
    Another way would be to have boxes delivered to your doorstep on an ongoing basis that are wrapped with Trump – KAG slogans. An HOA can’t complain about delivered packages. So, disguise campaign matter as delivered packages.

  2. Don’t tell me Floridians won’t vote for Trump.

    A couple of weeks ago we hoisted a Trump flag on our 30’ pole. I had no idea our neighbor is liberal as we all pretty-much get along but yesterday our next door neighbor stuck a Biden sign in their yard; the hubs and I both laughed at the site of this puny sign. The neighbor’s roommate came over and asked where he could get a Trump sign for their yard claiming, “Half of that yard is mine”. Uh-oh, trouble in Paradise!

    It’s just too funny. Trump 2020, y’all!

  3. I ordered 2 Trump signs thru Amazon. I have prime which normally delivers within one/ two days. But I received a notice stating the signs will not be delivered. WTF?

  4. Words of wisdom from that first guy in the video: Pick your battles. He knew better than to fight the yard sign, because they’d cite the rules and he couldn’t win. So he worked within the rules to move the venue to where he couldn’t lose, and then dared the enemy to attack him on his high ground. That’s the mindset that carries the day.

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