Lots of hate by the oh so compassionate left over the weekend. Such jubilation that Trump had contracted the Kung Flu. Many death wishes. And they call us the haters?

As usual, the left is guilty of what they accuse us of.

Die Orangeman die!

There were school teachers, yannow the people who teach our childrn, hoping that Trump would die. The assholes made their thoughts public. The rat bastard commies on Twatter went wild.

The hate grows and grows. They don’t hide it. Especially the Fake News Media.

And did they ever throw a hissy fit when Trump got in the limo yesterday to show his face to his supporters waiting outside Walter Reed Hospital.

The Fake News Medial really hates the fact that Trump is beating the Kung Flu. They hate it. They hate him. They hate us. So much hate.

4 comments on “Hate

  1. I remember from history how SF’s Haight-Ashbury was the location of the “Summer of Love” in 1967. I rode past it many years later. Now, it has been morphed by the radical left into “Hate-Us-Very”.

  2. Yeah, some of ’em would only be happy if’n DJT died a long, painful death.
    Then again, I’ve been on sites where folks would dance with joy if Obummer fell feet first into a wood chipper.

  3. We already know liberal democrats , the media, unionized educators & left wing government politicians all want to destroy America as it was created & is the greatest country to ever have been formed. Why does anyone believe this hatred will ever change ?
    We must either win at the elections, fight these bastards for control of our country & remain vigilant & ready if this hatred evolves into an attempt to impose absolute control over “We the people ” to turn us into subjects by taking away all freedom s& rights.
    If & I should say when the socialist revolution begins we must be prepared to defend this nation by an overwhelming response in force to destroy this evil cancer .
    The second amendment is not just words it is a god given right to keep & bear arms for the defense of “We the people “from enemies who would destroy this country be they foreign or domestic.
    I believe the tipping point has been r’eached, I believe if Trump loses this election most Americans will have doomed the country as we know it too be.What happens then will be up to “We the people” to determine …….Subjects or Patriots which will it be ?

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