Packing The Court

Basement Biden and Horizontal Harris refuse to answer on whether or not they are in favor of packing the Supreme Court. Of course they do. If they answered the question honestly – they are in favor of it -they would throw away any chance of winning since the American people oppose it. The same goes for Dimocrats running for the Senate. They won’t answer the question either.

Now, to change the subject, the Dimocrats new talking point is that Republicans are packing the courts. Apparently, filling vacancies in the federal judiciary is the same thing as adding the number of justices to the Supreme Court. What a bunch of bovine excrement.

Of course, Gropey Joe has an excuse for not answering the question. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t even realize he’s running for president.

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  1. Check out some of the rest of it . . . ..

    Also saw another clip with him about 20 years ago discussing FDR’s plan to pack the court . . . said it was a really bad idea. In fact, I think he called it “boneheaded.”

    The Dems are claiming that what Trump is doing with the court is “unconstitutional,” when in fact what he’s doing is precisely what the document SAYS he is supposed to do when there’s a vacancy.

    By refusing to actually produce his short list of names for filling court vacancies, he’s doing what MaligNancy did — you must vote for my plan to see what’s in it.

    It was a bad idea when she said it, it’s a bad idea today, and it sets a precedent for candidates refusing to tell voters what they intend to do if elected . . . bad idea.

    • The Dimocrats now refusing to state what they will do is only slightly different from their past refusal to state TRUTHFULLY what they would do; what they said they would do was a lie.

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