Crooked Cankles Is Pissed

Let us go to New York and listen in.

“Godammit Bill How did this happen?


“Jesus Christ Hillary will you quit throwing lamps?”

“I’m pissed off Bill. How come they were able to steal the election for that senile old pervert and not for me?


“There goes another one. Can’t you think of anything else to throw?”

“I could have been the first woman president if only they had cheated in Pennsylvania like they’re doing now. Instead it will be Kamala Harris after that senile old pervert is forced to resign because of his dementia, unless they’re able to somehow prop him up for the next four years.”

Geez, Bill, I put up with all of your philandering bullshit and I was robbed of the presidency because the assholes didn’t steal an election for me.”


“What has Kamala Harris ever done? She sucked Willie Brown’s dick. Maybe I should have done that.”

“Sorry Hill. You don’t give good head.”

“Shut up Bill and get me another drink.”