Across from Shepherd Center, in Atlanta, where I rehabbed is a sign that keeps track of the metro Atlanta population. I don’t know what it is now, but it is over six million. Many businesses moved to Atlanta and that attracted many people from up north. Heck, even in 1985, when I moved here most of the instructors at the IBM Education Center where I taught were from the North.

People came here from up North because of the weather. Companies moved here because of the airport. The state, Atlanta, and the suburbs gave tax breaks for companies to move here.

As more and more people moved here, Atlanta ceased to be a southern city. You hardly ever hear a southern accent in Atlanta. In short, Atlanta became Yankeefied.

Unfortunately, as all of these people moved here from up North they brought their voting habits with them. It’s just like the Californians who flee the shithole they helped create, take their voting habits with them.

Arizona has been Californicated. Georgia has been Yankeefied.

Couple that with a little (OK, a lot) of voter fraud, and that explains what happened in Arizona and Georgia this past election.


I guess Atlanta is Gone With the Wind.