Cynthia McCommie

All right. Now we are living in some Bizarro Land where Cynthia McCommie is the voice of reason. Yes Cynthia McCommie. You remember her. Beautiful Dunwoody was in her district when she was a Congresscritter. She lost her seat to Denise Majette when she became a 9/11 Truther.

She won her seat back when Majette said God told her to run for the Senate proving that God has a sense of humor. Then Cindy clobbered a Capitol cop with her cellphone and lost her seat to Hank “Guam is gonna tip over” Johnson.

Fortunately, Beautiful Dunwoody was removed from that district, but since then Beautiful Dunwoody has been invaded by Dimocrats.

Anyhoo, I saw this Video at Bill Quick’s site

WTF happened? From whackadoodle to a voice of reason. 2020 is a really weird year indeed.

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  1. Something must have happened to her in her local life that we don’t know about, and the “light” went on. The now-retired Ken Hamblin, “The Black Avenger” talk show host, was liberal and campaigned for Coleman Young in the 1970’s. Then, seeing what happened, he changed to be conservative. I once got to hear him speak in Memphis in 1995.

  2. We tripped a time line somewhere, because we are in Bizarro world now. When she’s speaking normal truth and acting normally, we aren’t where we were, that’s for sure!

  3. “If you’re still a leftist by the time you’re 40 you don’t have a brain.” Winston Churchill
    Some people actually grow up if they’re allowed to.

  4. Good Lord ! Wake me up ,I am having a dream…….Cynthia a voice of reason?………. Unbelievable !
    Coming next will be the conversion of Socialist Sally !

  5. if you have missed the czars,fear not
    joe will bring them back;
    covid czar,fauci
    assault weapons czar,robert francis orourk,aka beto

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