Sunday Metal 11-1-2020

More Southern rock.

Oakley, Duane, and now Gregg. All gone.

7 comments on “Sunday Metal 11-1-2020

  1. It’s always a great Sunday when you feature the Allman Brothers. Best Southern Jam Rock ever. Marshall Tucker was a distant second best. No one could do what Skydog did. Unfortunately, Butch Trucks is also gone and Dickey Betts is pretty much fried. Jaimo is all that’s left. Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks held it together for a good while, but there own bands are also great. Thanks for this Sunday treat.

  2. Thanks Denny! As an aside, have you visited the Big House museum in Macon? If you’re a Brothers fan (even if you’re not) it’s a must see … there was a shadow box on display when we went that contained hundreds (thousands?) of motel room keys, and a veritable boat load of other Allman’s memorabilia.

  3. I saw them once just before Duaine died and once about a year later in NYC. Funny I can’t remember the venue though…… SMILE!

    • You’re a lucky guy. Nobody like Duane!! Wish there was more outtakes and other jams with him and more high quality footage available on Blu-Ray! Yes, I have the same problem with many concerts, have the ticket that shows I was there, but things are a little hazy.

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