Across from Shepherd Center, in Atlanta, where I rehabbed is a sign that keeps track of the metro Atlanta population. I don’t know what it is now, but it is over six million. Many businesses moved to Atlanta and that attracted many people from up north. Heck, even in 1985, when I moved here most of the instructors at the IBM Education Center where I taught were from the North.

People came here from up North because of the weather. Companies moved here because of the airport. The state, Atlanta, and the suburbs gave tax breaks for companies to move here.

As more and more people moved here, Atlanta ceased to be a southern city. You hardly ever hear a southern accent in Atlanta. In short, Atlanta became Yankeefied.

Unfortunately, as all of these people moved here from up North they brought their voting habits with them. It’s just like the Californians who flee the shithole they helped create, take their voting habits with them.

Arizona has been Californicated. Georgia has been Yankeefied.

Couple that with a little (OK, a lot) of voter fraud, and that explains what happened in Arizona and Georgia this past election.


I guess Atlanta is Gone With the Wind.

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  1. Yep to bad the bastards can screw up other parts of the country. They should be forced to return to the ship holes and fix the problems they have created.

  2. Beat still my heart…you mean Chicago isn’t the only place that might, I repeat MIGHT, suffer election irregularities. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Born in Miami (NOT “Miami-Dade” thankyouverymuch). We were invaded by Yankees during the post-war years but they tended to be snow birds. Unfortunately, after retirement they began building in South Florida thereby turning Boca into a national joke so there goes the neighborhood and then Castro got frisky and Miami became Habana Nord. After some contentious years, Cubans became part of the warp and weft of Miami and Miami got another facelift.

    Now, post-modern Yankees flee New England states for quality of life reasons but they still bring their pious, better-than-Southerners attitudes with them and are determined to turn my gorgeous birthplace into Little NYC; we only need DeBlasio to buy a winter home on Fischer Island to complete that conversion.

    I remember when Miami was a wonderful place to grow up and Broward County was just a place to grow vegetables.

  4. Grammar Nazi will now pick a nit – “ceased to be”, not “ceased to become”. Atlanta never really “ceased to become” a southern city since it first evolved as one. 🙂
    OTOH, it has been a city of northern opportunists since forever, so there’s that…

  5. They started complainin’ in Oregon about Californians movin’ in and effin’ things over back in the Seventies. Nevada has suffered the same fate. Could Utah be next, what with ’em seemin’ to love ol’ Mittens so much?

  6. The Washington DC metro area suffered the same fate. I’m third generation and can remember as a teen thinking this place was really boring. Then the beltway opened and the area exploded. Now the big money lives way outside the beltway in Virginia. No public transportation goes there. Smart huh? If you look at an election map, you’ll see those counties are blue while the rest of Virginia is red due to population density. Virginia has become a blue state due to the influx of people beholding to the federal government.

  7. I can remember in the early 70s Neal Boortz being lectured by a new Atlantean about how stupid Georgians were for having only a 3% sales tax rather than the 7% in his native Connecticut.

  8. Actually real Yankees do not leave the North , the dominance of Conservative belief in the rural areas prove that. It is the Big City Democrats of liberal /Socialist Indoctrination who are infesting South & Western States who are destroying this country………maybe we need another 1929 style depression to wake these assholes up.
    I doubt very much they have the backbone to survive what our immediate ancestors lived thru.
    Too Wimpy, Too lazy & likely would accept a subjective life style over being free & self reliant.

  9. I live in Arizona. . . that is the absolute truth. A once great state is turned into a socialist sh**hole. Looking for another place to settle in.

  10. Pay attention & be afraid……As America self destructs In the American southwest Socialization will morph to full blown Mexification , then re-annexization by Mexico in about 20 years or less.

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