Governor Abrams Working On The Runoff

Yep. The “real” governor of Georgia, Abrams Tank, is working on ste4aling the runoff election.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has launched investigations into several groups, including one founded by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, for seeking to “aggressively” register “ineligible, out-of-state, or deceased voters” before the state’s Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections.

Hey Brad, while you’re at it, why don’t you investigate what went on in Fulton County on election night?

Raffensperger’s office on Wednesday said the investigations are into groups including America Votes, Vote Forward and The New Georgia Project — which was founded by Abrams and previously chaired by Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock.

Steal early, steal often.

Raffensperger for weeks has issued warnings against efforts to register individuals who are ineligible to vote in Georgia’s runoff elections or to encourage people to come to Georgia with the sole purpose of casting ballots.

“I have issued clear warnings several times to groups and individuals working to undermine the integrity of elections in Georgia through false and fraudulent registrations,” Raffensperger said in a statement Wednesday. “The security of Georgia’s elections is of the utmost importance.”

So registering ineligible voters is bad, but letting dead and ineligible people vote is OK? Manufacturing ballots is OK? That’s what happened in Fulton County in the middle of the night.

Raffensperger said Wednesday that his office has “received specific evidence that these groups have solicited voter registrations from ineligible individuals who have passed away or live out of state.”

“I will investigate these claims thoroughly and take action against anyone attempting to undermine our elections,” he vowed.

So start with what has already happened.

Raffensperger said earlier this week that America Votes “is sending absentee ballot applications to people at addresses where they have not lived since 1994.”

Vote Forward, he said, “attempted to register a dead Alabama voter, a woman, to vote here in Georgia.” He also spotlighted The New Georgia Project, “who sent voter registration applications to New York City.”

They’re just sending the registrations to where Dimocrats are.

Abrams Tank has been working overtime to get as many people registered as possible so she can win the election when she runs against Kemp in 2022. She’s laughing at Raffensperger because she and the Dimocrats were able to steal the presidential election in plain sight and he is unwilling to stop them. They’ll prolly be able to steal one or both of the Senate seats and Raffensperger will prolly allow them to get away with that as well.

Gutless wonder.