Crossing The Rubicon

There are a lot of people on our side who think Trump is gonna do sumpin’ drastic akin to Casear crossing the Rubicon. True the parallels are there.

Back in 49 BC, Cato and his ilk were waiting for Caesar to lay down his proconsulship of Gaul so they could charge him with treason and ruin him. Likewise the chattering Catos of the Dimocrat Party are waiting for Trump to leave office so they can ruin him.

You think the Dimocrats won’t try to ruin him? JHFC, that’s all they’ve been trying to do for the last four years. Now, they’ll be able to get his tax returns. With Trump out of office there will be nothing to stop them. Of course, they’ll prolly be OK, but that won’t stop the Biden administration from siccing the IRS on him. As we saw during the Clinton and Obungler administrations, the IRS was politicized and used against their enemies.

There are also other things the Dimocrats will try. No one in the Trump family will be safe. Trump may even have to leave the country.

So, like Caesar before him, Trump may have to cross the Rubicon. Ain’t gonna happen. What can Trump do? Seize power in a coup? Do you think the military would stand for that? Nope! They might have to postpone a few SHARP classes but they wouldn’t allow a coup.

Even in the wake of blatant voter fraud, do you think the Republican legislatures of Georgia and Pennsylvania will assert themselves and appoint Republican electors? Nope. They don’t have the spines to do that.

Do you think this election will wind up in the Supreme Court? Nope. Ain’t gonna happen.

We are stuck with Gropey Joe as long as Jill can keep him upright. Then it will be horizontal Harris.

We are truly fucked and Trump will not cross the Rubicon.