2021 PSA

Eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day is supposed to bring good luck.

From Jane Austen.

4 comments on “2021 PSA

  1. Hey Denny;

    If y’all haven’t tried them, get “Glory Foods” version…they season them so they taste pretty good. They also do great greens.

  2. Indeed it do. In fact, I neglected to make a batch last year – first time in years. Please don’t hate me.

  3. Red chili sauce mixed with shredded beef poured over two home made red chili beef tamales. The alternative…green chili cheese stuffed tamales followed by apple, pineapple or pumpkin filled home made turnovers. Beverage? Your choice. Your imagination…Seriously though, I’m game for any creative decent home cooked holiday meal

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