Sunday Metal 1-31-2021

Kim du Toit put up this post about good bass players and rhythm sections. He left one good one out: Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice of Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Beck, Bogert, and Appice. This gives me a reason to feature Cactus again. This was from a concert in Memphis which is the last time the original lineup played together. From what I read about them, they fought all of the time. One of the fights was about Bogert wanting his bass to play more of a lead role. They may have fought, but on stage they were a really tight band and Bogert and Appice formed a really good back beat.

AOTW 1-29-2021

Once again we have a group award. Rand Paul introduced a point of order declaring that impeaching a president after he has left office is unconstitutional. Naturally, we had Republicans voting against it. Five of them. This is why we lose. We have traitors in our party. Dimocrats vote in solidarity. Republicans don’t. So the five assholes who are sharing this award are Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski (what is wrong with you people in Alaska?), Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, and, of course, Mittens Romneycare. Enjoy your award assholes!


Good And Hard

It’s hard not to laugh.

Officials in the state of New Mexico professed to be taken aback last week by President Joe Biden’s day-one decision to impose a 60-day moratorium on all oil and gas-related leasing and permitting actions on federal lands. It is a decision that will have major ramifications on the state budgets of New Mexico and other Western states, especially if it is extended beyond its initial term and backed up by Biden’s promised ban on hydraulic fracturing on federal lands.

What did you booger eatin’ moh-rons think was gonna happen? Biden is being controlled by the left wing of the party and they are against fracking and drilling.

Some New Mexico officials are now trying to defend themselves by saying they didn’t anticipate the new President would issue such a ban, but such protests ring rather hollow given that they most assuredly did understand that Biden plans to move ahead with his fracking ban, which would for all intents and purposes have the same effect. After all, virtually 100% of the drilling activity in southeast New Mexico targets the various shale formations in the Delaware Basin, and all shale wells require a frac job in order to be productive. Thus, a ban on fracking is the same thing as a ban on leasing and drilling.

Click for larger version.

You dickheads are getting what you voted for. Good and hard. Just like all the union workers on the Keystone XL pipeline who voted for Gropey Joe and have now lost their jobs. Don’t worry, though. Flipper has said that you should get jobs making solar panels for the new Solyndras.

Ronsday – Dopey Joe

Ron rants.

It’s totally impossible for people with more than two firing synapses in their heads to NOT see that Biden is barely aware of what’s happening around him. He is most certainly not competent to manage anything more complex than a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of iced tea.

Joey B simply mouths the things he hears from people he instinctively knows are smarter than he is. He doesn’t understand them, of course, but simply reads what’s written for him on the lectern notes and teleprompters, like a mask mandate, which he has no authority to require, but was suggested by “science” guys like the insidious little twit Fauci, so it MUST be legit.

I can picture Joe getting up on one of his multiple trips to the loo in the early morning hours and sneaking down to the kitchen to see if he can catch the banana fairy in the act of turning them from dark green to bright yellow.

It reminds me of the movie scene in which Dirty Harry’s in the pilot’s seat of a 747 hurtling down a runway for takeoff and the co-pilot asks him, “Captain, do you know how to fly this plane?” Sitting Bull in a chat room. Saddam Hussein in an M1 Abrams.

So now he’s begging for half the country who doesn’t believe he legitimately won the election for “unity” . . . while he signs 17 EOs reversing Trump policies, including the Wall and the Keystone pipeline and refuses to ask MaligNancy to back off on her psychopathic need for impeaching a guy who’s already out of office.

Of course he’s begging; it’s not as if he has any whisper of a “mandate” from “the people.” Both houses of the legislature are split right down the middle, and the SCotUS isn’t exactly friendly to tearing down the 1st and 2nd. And after 4 years of non-stop resistance and stonewalling, NOW he wants to work together? Rotsa Ruck, Joey.

More than half the state governors, and the 10 most popular ones, are Republicans. The 10 most unpopular are Democrats, including Cuomo. And the Cheat-in-Chief is playing “Forgive and Forget” on the Wurlitzer?

Yeah, right. The Left fully intend to shut down half the nation’s population with “investigations” of racism, radicalism, fascism, genderism, and any other isms they can dream up to go after gun-totin, bible-thumpin, pick-up drivin rednecks.

If PotUS Doofus successfully implements his “plan,” the US will be economically weakened, domestically unsettled, educationally ignorant, militarily vulnerable, energy deprived, politically tainted, structurally stressed, and very likely on the verge of dissolution.

The basic absurdity that a Biden presidency will be successful, much less achieve any level of greatness, is as freakin w-r-o-n-g as having Cuba, China, and Venezuela on the UN Human Rights Council

Problem is that the leftwing media will give him credit for anything that goes right and blame anything that goes wrong on the Trump administration. Every logical, feasible idea Biden has come up with, Trump already enacted while in office, and the plan he has now that he’s in office is simply to reverse or cancel anything Trump did – and that’s no way to run a country . . . makes him look vindictive and third-gradish.

DJT was only a speed bump on the Leftist’s road to some imaginary La-La Land where Tinker Belles spread pixie dust as they ride unicorns along streets of gold while “the American people” sing Kumbaya on their way to sign up for benefits and “entitlements” they haven’t done anything to earn.

Trump’s was a sacrifice presidency of a dying party, like a wooden match burning brightly just as the flames reach the end of the stick in the ashtray. Go back and look at all the Dem campaign propaganda – none of it was pro-Biden, just all anti-Trump

Following the triumphs of Trump with the breakdowns of Biden will be very much like spraying cheap glitter on a wrecked Lexus.

The REAL question here is when will the Libs get all their reversals of Trump policies on the street so they can announce that Gropey Joe is in an irreversible coma from Covid complications and get on with their one-world global government crusade, save-the-planet taxes, re-indoctrination of all conservatives to purify them of badthink, remove the barriers on the southern border, fund sanctuary cities, help Iran finish its peaceful nuclear energy program, make everybody who ever sets foot on this side of the Rio Grande a citizen, eliminate punitive sentencing for drug possession and trafficking, make D.C. and Puerto Rico full-fledged states, empty all federal jails, classify hate speech by white people punishable by castration, eliminate private ownership of firearms, and make “Imagine” the national anthem. And the beauty of it all is that if any of those items go belly up later after PotUS Doofus is 25’d, they can blame it all on him.

Democrats pulled off a giant swindle on conservatives and are now downright smug about the fact that nobody can or will do a damned thing about the corruption that gave them the power to attack the 1st and 2nd Amendments, raise taxes, destroy jobs, inject new funding into the WHO and Paris Climate handwringers, encourage Iran to ramp up its nuke programs, and invite disease-ridden “refugees” from everyplace to feast at the slop trough.

Donald Trump has accepted the results of a “rigged” election four years faster than Hillary Clinton and her mob did. Those assholes have perpetuated the longest running tantrum in the history of American government.

I gotta wonder how long it’ll be now ‘til Dopey Joe dies of covid complications which to libs has been the “opportunity” virus. One of their favorite expressions is “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Basement Biden needs to be either arrested for swearing false oaths on TV before the Chief Justice or safely locked up in a comfortable padded cellar again ‘til his ticker gives out.

Joke Of The Week

This week it’s a collection of puns (because I have more puns in my pun file than I can ever use). From Mike.

An invisible man married an invisible woman. The kids were nothing to look at either.

I didn’t think the chiropractor would improve my posture. But I stand corrected.

I took my new girlfriend out on our first date to the ice rink, and entry was half price. She called me a cheap skate.

Studies show cows produce more milk when the farmer talks to them. It’s a case of in one ear and out the udder.

I used to date a girl with one leg who worked at a brewery. She was in charge of the hops.

My cross-eyed wife and I just got a divorce. I found out she was seeing someone on the side.

My wife claims I’m the cheapest person she’s ever met. I’m not buying it.

A raven has 17 rigid feathers called pinions, while a crow only has 16. The difference between a raven and a crow is just a matter of a pinion.

I told my carpenter I didn’t want carpeted steps. He gave me a blank stair.

What did the surgeon say to the patient who insisted on closing up his own incision? Suture self.

End Of Women’s Sports

The Thief in Chief just signed an executive order allowing transgenders to compete in women’s sports. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

On the upside, there will be a lot of records broken.

On the downside, it won’t be women breaking them.

So boys, if you can’t make the boy’s basketball team in high school, identify as a girl and you can get on the girl’s team. As a bonus, you’ll get to shower with them since the executive order also sez you can do that. Of course, most of them won’t be worth looking at but there will be a few babes.

You parents don’t like that? Shut up you haters!

Where are the feminists on this? It looks like they are siding with the fake women. Talk about betraying your sex.

I can hardly wait until the US women’s soccer team is made up of all transsexuals. I remember how the world got pissed off at the commie nations feeding steroids to their women to make them as strong as men. We don’t have to do that. Instead of steroids, we’ll just use real men who claim that they’re women.

I feel really sorry for the girls who will get beat out by these fake girls. However, if their parents voted for the Thief in Chief, they only have themselves to blame for their daughters competing against and showering with boys.

We really are living in Heinlein’s Crazy Years.

Sunday Metal 1-24-2021

Saw a headline last week that it was a “communications breakdown” that has caused problems with vaccinations for the Kung Flu. I immediately thought of Led Zeppelin. Since I’ve used Communications Breakdown recently, I have decided to use the first track off their first album. I had this album on 8-track and I’ve got it on CD.