Ronsday – BOHICA

Ron rants.

Chilly and breezy today, kinda like the forecast for 2021. Everytime I went outside for somethin, I got the chills, like I think the news is gonna do to all of us for the next coupla years. So . . . nothin better to do than fill up my belly, turn on my li’l space heater down by my feet, and let my frustration leak out through my fingertips.

Stopped by the mental health center today and got my patience level tested . . . it’s negative. Lab report included that my attitude is toxic, my confidence is rancid, and my hope is terminal. Hard to believe so many millions of voters are convinced that the guy in office for 4 years is the problem and the guy in office for 47 years is the solution.

Time to get your household budgets ready for increased taxes, race reparations, skyrocketing electric bills, and bailouts for the 51st and 52nd states created to provide a permanent leftist voting atmosphere in all future elections.

And those future elections for PotUS will be decided by NYC, Chicongo, and Kaliphoneya. On state and local levels, the candidates promising the most entitlements and benefits will always win. Voting by anyone else is unnecessary and thereby discouraged.

Looks to me we’d be wise to just take out L.A., NYC, Chicago, and D.C. with neutron blasts, something to just rid them of bipedal parasitic vermin, then start over – all new legislature, court, and executive. It’s as the socialists insist: there’s nothing wrong with the concept, only the people running it.

The US was a good idea and a nice place to live until half its citizens realized they could vote themselves unearned entitlements and freebies and put career politicians in office who keep their hands about 6 feet up the golden goose’s ass.

This country isn’t really divided so much by race or color or gender but by people with common sense on one side and utter fools on the other. What happens is that the fools then divide themselves up by race, color, gender, and sexual deviancy.

Very likely the biggest obstacle to unity, to prosperity, to serenity in the US today is the two-party system. The only thing the two have cooperated on in the past half century is the development and maintenance of an unbridgeable chasm between them.

The good ol’ boys from Potomac Mudwallow fail to recognize blatant fraud in several US states and ignorantly confirm a perverted career loser in dementia as CinC with a professional camp follower as his #1.

Not to be outdone, the sovereign US state of Jawjah, famous for elevating a peanut farmer in severe mental retardation to PotUS, elected an anti-semitic white-people-are-the-problem communist as senator, effectively removing the final obstacle to the Left’s game plan.

The major accomplishment of Soetoro regime was making the political landscape safe for black thugs like BLM, black agitprops like Al Sharpton, and black wastes of protoplasm like Colin Kaepernick and RuPaul, those scions of wisdom who give us answers that social media declare cannot be questioned.

In a dazzling feat of CYA, the Democrat Party’s lackeys at Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple have moved to stifle any voices slightly right of center, including the Twitter feed of the President of the United States.

With the Dems now in control of the government, their propaganda stooges know they have nothing to fear by ignoring the First Amendment since Congress will applaud and encourage them to shut down anyone who disagrees with the liberal agenda. They have become the default arbiters of what we are allowed to see, read, and hear.

And now we’ll have an administration whose logo will forever be a gigantic asterisk in a society fully embracing degeneracy, gender fluidity, melanin, Islam, and hypocrisy with China as world leader in military power, human rights, and economics.

Pelosi has taken it upon herself to play politics with control of our nuclear arsenal. Her insistence upon removing DJT less than 2 weeks before he leaves office is proof of the fact that she’s more dangerous than he is for the simple reason that he’s not completely fucking nuts, which she very clearly is.

I’m havin a little trouble comprehendin how all this “peace” and “cooperation” and “unity” and “law” is gonna restore our lost rights and bring the republic back from the brink of collapse. The Dems aren’t gonna give an inch in their crusade to wipe out the awful DJT legacy.

But, y’know . . . . I remember how the original bunch did things back in 1776 when being oppressed by an unreasonable asshole.